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A Guide to Fragrance Strengths & Types

A Guide to Fragrance Strengths & Types

Ever wonder why some fragrances last all day – while others fade within just a few hours? After reading the fine print, you’ll be surprised to discover that scents are categorized by concentration. Keep reading to explore our guide about fragrance strengths and types.   

Whether as a gift, an expression of love or a little pick-me-up, perfume is one of those luxuries that most everyone loves to indulge in. But what’s the difference between an ‘eau de parfum’ and an ‘eau de toilette’? And are there other perfume potencies?

Various fragrance types denote the strength and longevity of their scents. Fragrances are generally created by mixing a wide variety of perfume oils with alcohol. The percentage of perfume oil in a fragrance indicates its intensity, and a higher intensity prolongs its staying power. 


Eau de Cologne – Uplifting and Refreshing

Light, affordable and beautifully subtle, an eau de cologne (EDC) might be right for you if you feel overwhelmed by heavy fragrances. With a concentration between 2-6%, an EDC is a much lighter choice and that lasts around two hours. It makes the perfect pick-me-up or refresher and is a great option for people who are sensitive to strong scents.

Eau de Toilette – Swift and Glorious

One of the more popular strengths, eau de toilette (EDT), has a concentration of 5-15%. Often accompanied by citrus and floral notes, this fragrance captivates and enchants instantly, but also fades quickly. It can last up to three hours. EDT is fabulous for those who are looking to possibly switch up their scent throughout the day or only need one boost for a particular event.

Eau de Parfum – Divine and Mighty

One or two dabs of eau de parfum (EDP) lends a rich, deep scent that’s sure to be noticed. With a concentration of 10-20%, EDP is a hard-working fragrance that can last up to five hours. Many love this strength for its wearability and longevity, making it the perfect choice for everyday use, especially if you have found your “signature scent”.

Parfum – Compelling and Confident

Parfum has a powerful and long-lasting scent that’s unparalleled for those who like to make a memorable entrance. With some of the highest perfume oil concentrations, of between 15-40%, this strength doesn’t require constant reapplication throughout the day and can last up to 8 hours. If you’re searching for something that goes above and beyond, then a parfum strength is just what you need!

Maybe you’re someone who prefers a zesty eau de cologne or maybe you’ve got the majestic bearing to wear a heady, beautifully enveloping eau de parfum.

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