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A Place For Rest & Play: Kids Bedroom Ideas

A Place For Rest & Play: Kids Bedroom Ideas

What did your room look like as a kid? Did you play in it a lot? Was it a place that was comforting and relaxing when you went to sleep? Cozy, inspired and fun are all words that describe an awesome room for the little ones.  

We’ve got some bedroom ideas for kids that can result in a place that encourages both play and rest. Whether you’re looking for a shared room, individual rooms or themed rooms, check out our bedroom ideas and room decor that’ll inspire and excite. 

Rainbow Connection

For a room that is vibrant, creative and stylish, a rainbow theme can energize and encourage play. For a kid’s room, who doesn’t want that? Pick a wall to be the focal point and make a rainbow wall. For something a bit more subtle (and cost-effective), organize books by color and you’ll have an instant rainbow effect.  


Space Saver

Think built-in bookshelves, bunk beds and shelves to make space for every corner of the room. Bunk beds are a great way to do this, and there are a lot of options out there that’ll fit what your family needs. Our two kids currently share a room with bunk beds and the room feels bigger and they love to play and rest in their room. 


Shiplap anyone? The nautical theme is breezy and soothing, with an opportunity to be playful and fun. Muted tones of grey and blue are gender-neutral, making it a great theme for brother/sister who share a room. Add accent colors depending on kids’ favorite colors and you’ve got a space that works. Decor could include sea animals, boats and anchors.  

Starry Night

For the ultimate place to rest, a room decorated with stars, moon and a night sky would be so dreamy for the ultimate sanctuary. While kids can play in the room during the day, when the sun goes down, the room goes into night mode. Glow-in-the-dark stick-on-stars on the ceiling, cloud night lights, dark blue wall paint and a white noise sound machine are good room decor ideas to tie it all together.  

Reading Room

I love using books as the focal point of a kids room. Making books accessible to be opened, read and enjoyed can have so many benefits. Not only is it a calming activity before bed (or any time of the day), it can help with word recognition, independence and imagination. Pick a wall and either buy a bookshelf ceiling to floor or install a built-in one that can really make a statement. Fill it with all the books, leaving the ones that are the most loved at eye level. Rotate the books every few months to keep the collection fresh and new.  


Perfect for a girls room (or sister’s room), this one is all about the twinkle lights and pink color shades. Stay away from Barbie pink and opt for a muted blush wall color that can grow with your kids. Dainty accents like sheer window curtains, tufted comforters and accent pillows can bring the room together in a dreamy, fairytale way.  

Space Cadet 

Who doesn’t love a space theme? Easily done with a blue or black wall paint, planet stickers and glow-in-the-dark stars, this bedroom idea is all about the universe and beyond. I love this one for a girl or boy room as it can be fun and educational as little ones can learn about the planets in a cool way.  

Cozy Corner

Great idea for siblings of different genders, a room where a corner is dedicated to each kid can make the space feel put together while also allowing for personal space. Leave the walls a neutral eggshell or beige, but then accent the space by making a corner filled with toys, posters and details that make it theirs. While kids can play together in the shared space, there is room to play independently as well. For kids that have their own room, a teepee or play tent where alone time can be had is a great idea.  


Writing on the Wall 

Let the kids design their own room by having a chalkboard wall that can be erased and drawn on over and over again. Not only does it give kids a fun way to be creative, but they can do it in a way that is appropriate and allowed. Let them have free range on what’s drawn and written on the wall- it’ll give you awesome insight as to what’s going on in their little heads! 


Decorating a kid’s room is one of the funnest things you can do in your home. You can pick fun wall colors that bring out their personality, add accent furniture that can grow with your child and really be creative. Make room for storage as toys can get everywhere and think about furniture that is age-appropriate. We hope these kids bedroom ideas have inspired you to have fun with the room.  

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