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Jessica Grant’s Insider Shopping Tips For Affordable Craft & DIY Supplies

Jessica Grant’s Insider Shopping Tips For Affordable Craft & DIY Supplies

Whether I’m shopping for myself or my three kids with ages ranging from toddler to elementary school, is a favorite source to keep our craft supplies full of exciting finds so that we are always ready to create! I can discover affordable craft & DIY supplies on Zulily that fuel and inspire creativity for the whole family. We always have some sort of DIY happening at our house; whether it is child art projects and activities or mom-made decor, it seems as though we are always in need of a supply refresh!  From my all time favorite brands at an affordable price to crafty inspiration, I know I will find what I need as soon as I open the Zulily app on my phone and head to my favorite DIY categories. 

My first stop? Always the curated DIY & Craft Shop where I can shop by project, featured brands, or just browse for inspiration. While I occasionally have a project in mind, I also just love to scroll through the vast collections of products and see where my creativity leads me!  

Stock up on DIY Essentials 

There are some art supplies that I always keep on our shelf such as paint, coloring tools, and paper. They are all stored in a little creation station that is accessible for my kids to use to craft and create projects and artwork at home. We go through a LOT of these basics so I am able to stock up on a wide selection of essentials in whichever fun and new varieties I come across while browsing!  

Our current favorites? The glitter pens I scrolled upon in the Zulily app. The kids have loved using them to write and illustrate their summer journals and I use them to add a little pizazz to any project including, but not limited to, my weekly grocery list that is just so much more enjoyable to write using a glitter pen! 

The very best buys come from when I’m browsing and come across one of my favorite brands at an affordable price. Whenever that happens I am always quick to stock up on supplies from brands like Ooly, Martha Stewart and Crayola. Score!  

Craft kits for kids are another favorite that are sure to end up in my cart! They are an easy and all-inclusive way to keep the kids’ engaged in an activity when I need a little extra time for myself. I prefer to buy a few at a time for each kiddo and store them for a rainy day. I frequently open a new kit to occupy the kids while I’m making dinner, preparing for our day, or whenever mom just needs a breather! These kits are a simple way to bring some creativity into your family’s day; most kits come with everything you need to complete a project from start to finish! 

My kids have loved every kit we have tried; from wooden build & paint sets to DIY bracelets to a giant wall sticker playhouse. Zulily is constantly adding new products and I can’t wait to see what creative projects my kids choose to make next!  

These kits can be found in The Craft & DIY Shop under the Kids’ Crafts category. 

Shop Affordable Craft & DIY supplies for a Project 

I take a different approach to shopping on Zulily if I already have a DIY project in mind. The “search” feature becomes my best friend! With so many different shops and products spanning different categories, a keyword search is what brings it all together for me! I recently made a floral wreath and gathered all the supplies by taking a look through different search terms.  

I have the best luck by starting with the most broad search term. For a recent DIY, I started with a general search for “wreath”. I am quickly able to find a simple preserved boxwood wreath that would be perfect for my project. After adding it to my basket, I take a look at the “You May Also Like” section of items found below the product details because oftentimes Zulily already predicts what I’m going to look for next. In this case, they recommend a faux floral pick. While it does not match my desired color scheme, I click on it anyways and am quickly able to once again look under the product description where there is a link to “Shop All Faux Floral Pick” where I find a beautiful selection of every floral on the site to design exactly what I have in mind!  

Start your search with the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of the website or the app’s center icon on the bottom toolbar.

Explore Something New 

Browsing through the art and craft supplies that offers can often lead to inspiration for a new project or even a whole new craft technique or hobby.  

Craft kits are a great way for anyone to explore a new creative outlet. As I mentioned, they are typically filled with all the supplies needed for a project so I love grabbing a few to try out something new. Most recently, I purchased an embroidery starter kit to learn how to stitch my own wall decor as well as a DIY hanging macrame plant holder.  

Both kits were a great introduction to new techniques without needing to deep dive and invest in a craft I wasn’t familiar with. I found that I really enjoy embroidery in the evenings after the kids go to bed, so once I finished the project kit I was able to return to the Craft & DIY shop to find an entire category dedicated to different cross-stitch projects to choose from and continue my new hobby! These kits can be found in the Craft Kits section in The Craft & DIY Shop 

Whatever and however you decide to create, Zulily is guaranteed to have something unique to discover! If you are interested in even more creative inspiration, be sure to check out more DIY and crafts for the whole family.

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Jessica Grant highlights a joyful and creative childhood, motherhood, and home through her social media and her blog, JessicaEtCetera. With a background in preschool education and now a mom to three young kids, Jessica enjoys sharing all kinds of fun including crafts, DIY, and learning through play with the goal of creating a magical and memorable childhood.

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