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Easy and affordable Holiday Décor Ideas

Easy and affordable Holiday Décor Ideas

Get into the spirit of the holiday season without spending a bundle on your decorations! Here are some simple and inexpensive décor ideas that are chic, classy and certain to get you in a merry mood. Try these easy holiday decorating ideas this year: 

1. Decorate with Nature’s Bounty of Baubles

Find elements in nature that say ‘Christmas’ and that are free for the taking! Some ideas include: branches and boughs of your favorite evergreen, cedar or conifer tree, or perhaps some dried berries and leaves from a holly bush. Keep your eye out for a mistletoe plant that you can pick from to strategically place near your special someone. Pick up pinecones to fill baskets or bowls on a counter or try wiring a couple into your holiday wreath (but more on that later). 

To add some glam to your natural Christmas decorations, spritz cones, leaves or branches with metallic spray paint and let dry fully. Arrange in the center of your dining room table, mantle or shelf for a festive and cheap alternative to floral centerpieces or holiday arrangements.

2. Kid-Friendly Holiday Décor Crafts

Get the kids in on the action with some kid-friendly craft ideas that are as much fun to make as they are to display during the holidays. Let the whole family use their creativity to adorn ornaments, wreaths and packages for the holiday season. Here are a few simple suggestions:

  • Paper plate wreaths are an easy project that adapts to a wide age range. Grown-ups can cut out the center of the plate to form the wreath, which is then decorated and adorned by the kids. Punch a hole near the top to string a ribbon for hanging.
  • Preserve and save Christmas cookies decorated by your kids with a spritz of hair spray. These can be hung on a tree, garland or banner in your home. Just make sure your kids understand they can’t eat them if they get peckish later!
  • If you look on Pinterest for popular kids’ holiday crafts, you might see a lot of creamer bottle snow-people. These are not just adorable holiday projecs, these are also a great way to recycle and reuse plastic creamer containers.
  • Paper roll carolers (Google them!) are a great accent for a mantle or the Christmas table. Create a grouping to give to a grandparent or neighbor. Start saving your toilet paper and paper towel rolls now!

Pack these accents away carefully as they may become your most cherished Christmas memories that you bring out year after year, long after your children are grown.

3. Festive Banners and Bows

Construct a welcoming fireplace banner in seasonal colors to complement your home décor. These are made even easier with a die-cut machine, but you certainly can use stencils and scissors for your desired message. This is another great project for kids! Replicate your banner’s colors or theme with garlands that you can wind and drape anywhere around the house!

4. Repurpose Old Ornaments FOR A CENTERPIECE

It never fails that when pulling out the seasonal décor and baubles, there are always at least a couple of broken ornaments in the mix. Instead of tossing these out, consider removing any dangerous or sharp pieces and arranging the ornaments in a festive basket or bowl. A bowl of shiny baubles is a great centerpiece that can cost next to nothing to create. Add some bows, balsam and/or pinecones to fill in gaps and camouflage any damaged pieces.

Holiday Ornaments on Branch
Coffee Table Holiday Décor
Christmas Décor on Mantle

5. Show Off Cherished Christmas Cards

Old Christmas cards make the best décor! These are sentimental and evoke memories of past holidays. One way to preserve and display cherished Christmas cards and holiday greetings is to decoupage them on a box, serving platter or even on a piece of framed matte board. You can also hot-glue the cards to a cardboard ring for a cute Christmas wreath that is distinctive and unique. Cut and place the cards on a plain platter or plate, cover with decoupage glue and use as a serving dish that you pull out for Christmas cookies or treats during the holiday season.

6. get your kitchen in the spirit

Kitchen décor can set the theme and mood for the whole home. After all, many people spend much of their time in the kitchen this time of year, baking and cooking for family and friends. Bring more holiday spirit into your home’s kitchen with these holiday ideas:

  • Evergreen boughs laid on a counter or kitchen island add a rustic feel to the room. Plus, the smell is heavenly!
  • Hang a string of fairy lights on your kitchen windows, shelves or cupboards in the kitchen. Pick up low-cost, long-lasting light strands online, which can be battery or USB-operated for added convenience.
  • Potted trees are an excellent alternative to cutting live branches or chopping down trees. Arrange a grouping of small conifers in festive red, gold, and green containers on your table or countertop.

Accentuate your kitchen kitsch with some vintage culinary accents. Consider upcycling old utensils and cutlery into a unique holiday food-inspired wreath!

7. DIY A Wintry Wreath

Make a holiday wreath using greens, twigs, ribbon, fabric scraps… pretty much anything! Wreaths are amazingly easy to construct and the only required materials are a metal wreath ring and a spool of floral wire. You can strip down your wreath at the end of the season and reuse it again and again. There are numerous online tutorials offering directions for making your wreath, depending on your preferences. A homemade wreath hanging on the front door to welcome your guests is an accomplishment you can be proud of, too!

Use these tips and ideas to pull off a festive season without a lot of work. From potted trees on your kitchen counter to a wreath comprised of your favorite holiday cards, get your home ready for Christmas!

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