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10 Affordable Holiday Décor Items To Brighten Your Holiday Home

10 Affordable Holiday Décor Items To Brighten Your Holiday Home

This holiday season, get ready to save

This year, I vow to not let the holidays sneak up on me.

Most years since I’ve become a parent, I’ve stared at the looming holidays in my planner, telling myself I’ll get around to completing shopping “soon”. Soon inevitably becomes the week before, a few days before, sometimes even the night before! I, admittedly, work well under pressure, but when I save things for the last minute, I always end up disappointed because I don’t necessarily get what I want – and I usually pay way more than I was planning to!

This year, I’ve already started making lists of people I will need to buy for and items I will need to buy. I have them color-coded by category and person, and I’m meticulously writing down what I’ve purchased and where I’ve placed it. I’ve made a budget and I’m determined to stick to it.

I vow to own the holiday season 2021!

I’m already excited about all the choices of things I can buy on Zulily. I haven’t refreshed my holiday décor in years… I usually just reuse what I’ve always had and mix in a few new items for some sparkle and pizzazz. But this year, I hope to host more people and attend more get-togethers, and I’m going to bring my A-game. Good thing Zulily is my one-stop shop for all things holiday! Not only does Zulily have the most coveted holiday items on my shopping list, Zulily has everything available at a great price and I don’t even have to go anywhere to pick it up. Everything is delivered right to my door! With Zulily, I’m going to win the holidays this year. 

Personalized holiday decor
Holiday Gift Wrap

Top 10 Affordable Holiday Décor Items to Buy from Zulily

Here are the top 10 items I’m already scouting on for the Holidays 2021.

Personalized prints

Zulily has the cutest personalized holiday prints. I can have my family’s name put on something cute and it will be sent directly to my door to be framed. Whether I want a cute, spooky saying that will compliment my Halloween décor, or something whimsical and wintry to match my December décor, I know I will find something on Zulily I won’t be able to live without. Even better, these items make great gifts for those people in your life who are notoriously hard to shop for!

Yard Inflatables

Every year, my girls beg for yard inflatables for the holidays. They want spooky ghosts and glowing pumpkins on Halloween and then kitschy snowmen and smiling Santas at Christmas. Every year, my husband and I resist because inflatables aren’t cheap! I’ve found so many cute ones on Zulily, though, that I think this will be there year we finally cave. Not only can I get them shipped directly to my door, I will likely find a few that no one else in my neighborhood has!

Plush pillows

Themed holiday throw pillows can add a little bit of holiday cheer to anyone’s home! Whether you like pillows with sentimental sayings or pillows with whimsical characters, you are sure to find more than a few that match your personal taste on Zulily this holiday season!

Party plates

I usually stick to my same old dinner plates, even around the holidays, simply because it is easier and more economical. But Zulily has so many great serving platters this year at such great prices for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s hard to resist! I can’t think of a reason not to splurge on some great table settings that will add more holiday sparkle to my décor.

Gift wrap

I know you’re thinking: gift wrap shouldn’t really qualify as holiday décor. But hear me out! Gift wrap can be holiday décor if you’re feeling creative! I have a friend who, every year, wraps the pictures and canvasses in her living room in gift wrap and ties them up with bows as if they are presents. Then she hangs them back on the wall. The look is darling! Not only is it an inexpensive way to switch up your décor for the holidays, it’s so unique and different that I’ve never seen anyone else do it! Zulily has so many great wrapping paper choices that this year I’m totally “borrowing” her idea. Wrapping paper as holiday décor? Brilliant and budget-friendly!

Blankets & throws

Right now I have my eye on, like, six different holiday-themed throws on Zulily. They are all so cute and inexpensive that I may just have to order them all! Blankets and throws are such an easy way to update décor along with pillows (which I mentioned above). First, they are functional! As the weather turns cooler, who doesn’t love snuggling up with a cozy blanket to watch a movie or a read a book? Second, they are so giftable! You can buy a bunch and then, if you decide you don’t need them after all, they are easy to gift to teachers, coaches, friends, hostesses and so on. Holiday-themed blankets are the best!

Festive door hangers

I love looking at peoples’ front doors. I think the décor people choose to put on their doors says so much about the inside of their home. Do they choose elegant décor? Whimsical? Sparkly? I love to see what kind of greeting awaits when I walk up to a friend’s front door during the holiday season. Zulily has loads of great door hangers for sale right now, and they are all available at great prices! No matter your style – farmhouse, simple, bright, flashy – you can find a door hanger for the holidays and beyond that will show off your personal taste. And with so many available at such great prices, you can stock up and change them out weekly if you want! (Trust me, I’m tempted!)

Holiday Hand Towels

Holiday kitchen and hand towels are holiday décor items I love to update every year. We use kitchen towels like it’s going out of style, so most of them don’t make it past one season if I’m being perfectly honest. But each year, I find the most fun, wonderful and sometimes cheeky towels to enhance my kitchen and bathroom décor. These are also great to keep on hand for last-minute gifts because I don’t think it’s possible for a person to own too many hand or kitchen towels. The trouble is deciding which ones to keep for yourself!

Personalized Door Mats

How many personalized holiday door mats are too many personalized holiday door mats? Asking for a friend… But seriously, personalized door mats are such a fun way to welcome people to your home for the holidays! Plus, with so many great choices at less than $20, how can you possibly resist? Maybe I can buy seven and have one for each day of the week?

String Lights

Whether you like white lights or colorful lights, fun shapes or traditional bulbs, Zulily has a plethora for gorgeous outdoor lighting available, just waiting to be hung outside your home! Lights add so much sparkle to your holiday décor. We love orange lights around our door at Halloween to set off an eerie glow and then swap them for leaf lights at Thanksgiving. Christmas always brings a good mix of colorful lights for us, with a few whimsical shapes added into the mix for good measure. Zulily has so many options to choose from you’ll get to pick to suit your tastes this holiday season!

What will you be shopping for on this holiday season?

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From ideas and inspiration to last-minute décor and gifts waiting by the door, let this be your guide to deliver joy through the holidays. 

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