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Alternative Halloween Fun: How to Trick-or-Treat at Home

Alternative Halloween Fun: How to Trick-or-Treat at Home
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It is no trick that this year’s Halloween will be a lot different than before and more families are wondering how to trick-or-treat at home. Due to the pandemic, the CDC says participating in traditional trick-or-treating or trunk-or-treating is considered a high risk activity for spreading the virus. As a mom, it can be hard to tell your kids they will not be going door to door this year.

By Amber Weldon, Mommies R Bomb 

This can cause frustration, but do not be defeated. All you need is decoration, costumes and creativity to successfully trick-or-treat at home with the help of our Holiday Shop


The fun part about going to trick-or-treat is seeing all the unique decorations each house has. If it feels like Halloween inside your kids are not going to miss ringing neighbor’s doorbells. It is simple to have that festive feel within your own house. Here is how you do it: 

The doors in your house, i.e., bedrooms, bathrooms, walk-in closets, etc. will be where your kids can receive goodies from. Decorate those doors as if they were different houses, so no two doors the same. Get creative, use door posters, plastic (or real) pumpkins, lights, figurines and more. Check out these décor ideas here

Little children in Halloween costumes

Dress Up 

What’s Halloween without a great costume? This year get the kids and yourself a costume. Pick out costumes that are versatile, for instance a fairy costume that could be easily changed to a ballet dancer or a scarecrow that could turn into a woodcutter. You could also get wigs and accessories to make a few different looks. That way when the kids knock on a different door, they are getting a new person or character at each “house.” Choose interchangeable costumes for your kids as well and don’t forget to dress up the pets

Have a parade 

Most neighborhoods and communities have cancelled their traditional Halloween parades that start before the trick-or-treating begins. Why not have a mini-parade in your home? Once you have your various costumes, turn on some spooky music and march around your home with the family. Dolls, action figures and stuffed animals can be the spectators or have a video call with friends and family and have them join in on the fun. The parade will be a great way to get everyone’s spirits lifted and ready for a fun holiday at home. 

How to trick-or-treat at home 

The great part about Halloween at home is it’s your house, your rules. Candy does not have to be behind every or any door, really have your family asking “trick-or-treat”? Any snacks that you know your kids love, like string cheese, pretzels, juice boxes, etc., can be wrapped in treat bags and given out. Desserts such as cookies, cupcakes and cake-pops are great too. Even better, tell a Halloween joke or do an easy trick, for instance, you say trick-or-treat to them with your Halloween bucket ready to accept treats. 

Get Creative 

At home trick-or-treating could happen in five minutes if you do not put enough effort into it. The pandemic has halted a lot of the normal fun your family would typically have this time of year. Making it very important for you to spread positive energy and holiday spirit inside your home. You want your kids to have a great time and make it last. These are ways to keep the fun going. 

  • Set the mood: Make the decorations pop more by turning off the TV, tablet and other screens and have on essential lights only. 
  • Have your favorite Halloween playlist playing during trick-or-treat time. Invite close family or friends, you feel safe with, to have them participate in the fun. 
  • Make it a scavenger hunt, have the kids search for certain objects or treats during their fun.  
  • Set up a photo booth, decorate a small corner in your house with props and Halloween figurines that can be great for selfies and the perfect social media post. 
  • Have a costume contest with different categories, such as, most creative, scariest, cutest and so on. 

Afterwards enjoy a scary movie, snacks or arts and crafts. There are no rules, anything you can do to make Halloween more enjoyable for your family is a win. If it goes off right, who knows? You could create a trick-or-treat at home tradition for the years to come. 

Amber Weldon

Amber Weldon is a mom of two, wife and content creator and author of Mommies R Bomb was designed to inspire moms to maintain a healthy family lifestyle and embrace their authentic self. Amber is motivated through the experiences with her family, self-care and other influential mothers.

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