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American Girl Dolls: Four Ways to Inspire Creative Play

American Girl Dolls: Four Ways to Inspire Creative Play

What does your darling dream of becoming? Musician or medic? Actress or archeologist? More than ever, children need toys for creative play. A great doll serves as a reliable friend when playdates aren’t possible and encourages role-playing to build a child’s understanding of themself and their world. Inspired by American Girl, here are four fun activities your child can enjoy with their doll.  

4 American Girl-inspired ideas to share with your child

Writing & Reading

1 Journal your dreams. American Girl doll Tenney wants to be a singer. She writes down her dreams and ideas. Your child doesn’t need to have a clear goal to enjoy journaling. Childhood diaries of many future novelists are filled with everyday observations and feelings. It’s the act of writing things down that keeps those creative juices flowing.

2 Read a book about a performer, scientist, leader or other person who inspires you. Can you think of two ways you can relate to that person, such as having a common interest or being from similar types of hometowns? Can you describe something reading the book has taught you or inspired you to do? If possible, loan the book to someone else you think might enjoy giving it a read. (Parent Tip: Discover Eight More Ways to Raise a Reader.)

Music & Lyrics

3 Try learning an instrument. Play the first song you learn for an audience of your favorite American Girl doll and other toy friends. (Parent Tip: Ask if a family member or friend can loan you an instrument to try. Or look online for an affordable beginner guitar or recorder.)

4 Write your own song lyrics. A good song is about something meaningful, so start by choosing something that means a lot to you, such as a family member or friend, pet or activity. You can write lyrics (words) to your song without any tune in mind or try writing them to go along with a favorite melody that you know. 

Why Zulily loves American Girl dolls…

Since its founding in 1986, American Girl has received over 450 awards and honors from organizations including Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Parents’ Choice Foundation, National Parenting Product Awards, Parents Magazine and Creative Child Magazine. With dolls and so much more, American Girl inspires children to dream, imagine and be their best.

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