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Author: Zulily

1,000 Moms Say This is What Their Home Needs

Zulily launches its first annual Home Trend Report to offer design insights and inspiration for what’s most important to moms. Informed by a new, nationwide survey of 1,000 moms nationally, the report outlines a Head & Home Space Quotient, which explores the psychology driving home design and purchases and top of mind insights that inspire productivity, mindfulness and togetherness at home.

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How Laughter Makes Life Better

If we’re being honest, life — especially as a mother — is occasionally absurd and often hilarious. There’s always some substance spilling on us; shoes are being thrown in midair; baffling arguments occur at the most inopportune moments; and kids are breaking out into song to music that doesn’t exist. It’s basically a comedy of errors at all times.

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