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Author: Zulily

Top 25 Holiday Toys for 2021

71% of moms start buying their holiday gifts in advance. These moms who are gathering garland before even putting the pumpkins away are the ones flush with savings and fresh finds. Zulily’s in-house toy experts compiled a list of the 25 must-have toys of the 2021 holiday season!

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10 Ways to Train Your Brain to Plan More Effectively

A little planning can go a long way – in fact, planning behaviors can lead to more positive emotional, health and life outcomes. According to a new study Zulily conducted by ENGINE, a global, full-service media and marketing services company, planning and procrastination behaviors were revealed as means of coping with anxiety. Planning behaviors are more effective at reducing stress and those that are planful reported feeling more confident, happy, healthier, and more respected.

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