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Author: Desiree Eaglin

9 Bento Box Recipes For Real Life

Recently, the school-aged world of kids and parents has gone absolutely bonkers for all things bento boxed lunch recipes related. Elaborate how-tos are found practically everywhere you look on Pinterest and the trend has gone absolutely viral on the internet. Somehow, being a good parent became strictly correlated with creating elaborately decorated packed lunches, bento boxed style.  

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The 10 Basic Kitchen Appliances Every Family Needs

Preparing a home cooked meal for a family is a ton of work. Thankfully, a good kitchen appliance is a home chef’s best friend. Why should we do all that manual labor if an appliance can do it twice as well in half the time? Keep in mind we are not counting the dishwasher and coffeemaker in this list of the 10 basic kitchen appliances every family needs. By golly, both of those appliances should come automatically with every kitchen ever constructed because I do not know what I do without them. Literally. Instead, this is a list of the ten basic kitchen appliances every kitchen needs to get you up and running to cook a decent meal in lightning speed (er…well at least a little faster than if you were to do everything by hand).  

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