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Author: Erin Evans

20 Fun Outdoor Games for Kids

Some of my favorite childhood memories are the fun outdoor games for kids I played from sun-up to sun-down every day during the summer. Even though these games may seem a bit retro to kids today, they are still lots of fun to play and might even become one of your kid’s favorite childhood memories.  

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5 DIY Woodworking Projects To Tackle This Summer

We adore the farmhouse look and now that warmer weather is here it is time to dust off your tools and get busy tackling that list of DIY woodworking projects you daydreamed about all winter long. You might not be able to pack up and move to the country but you can still capture the farmhouse look in your current home by adding some farmhouse decor to your space.  

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Easy Alterations You Can Do At Home

You’ve finally found the perfect pair of blue jeans that hug you in all the right places and can hold its shape all day long.  But what do you do when those well-loved jeans start to show too much wear and tear? Before you toss out your beloved blue jeans, consider repurposing them with a few easy alterations you can do at home that are sure to add new life to your old, worn-out jeans. 

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7 Fun Sight Word Games To Teach Your Kindergartner How To Read

The well-known saying “practice makes perfect” is true, practicing can make you better but sometimes practice can feel dull and boring especially to a child who is learning how to read and memorize a long list of sight words. Sounding out each letter and trying to remember each word is hard for a kindergartner so why not make learning sight words exciting by playing fun sight word games with them? 

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