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Author: Julia Wohlers

How to Pursue Mindfulness During Social Distancing

Even during an average, unremarkable season of life – words which certainly do not describe the reality most of us have lived recently – mindfulness can be a difficult state to achieve. The past year has seen moms juggling work, life, children’s schooling, health precautions, and everything in between. If the internal strain is already palpable, mindfulness offers a positive coping strategy.

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Reality TV is Not Doing Wonders for Our Mental Health as Moms

 When my son was born, he came home from the hospital to a one-bedroom apartment only slightly larger than the room he’d been delivered in. His “nursery” – if we can call it that – was a portion of our shared bedroom where his crib was wedged just inches away from my side of the bed with a single illustration mounted to the wall overhead. I would have loved nothing more than to decorate a sweet little boy’s nursery for him, to pick a theme like “nautical” or “wild animal,” and select curtains with a matching rug for him to play on one day.

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Let’s Talk About Unmentionables: The Lace Bras You’ll Definitely Feel Confident In

There’s a movement underway within the lingerie industry, a shift in perspective that’s changing how women shop for and wear their unmentionables. After decades of glamazon marketing imagery featuring a parade of unrealistic physiques and measurements (Angels, I’m looking at you), the self-image narrative is finally getting an overhaul across underwear.

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