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Author: Julia Wohlers

How to Pursue Mindfulness During Social Distancing

Even during an average, unremarkable season of life – words which certainly do not describe the reality most of us have lived recently – mindfulness can be a difficult state to achieve. The past year has seen moms juggling work, life, children’s schooling, health precautions, and everything in between. If the internal strain is already palpable, mindfulness offers a positive coping strategy.

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Let’s Talk About Unmentionables: The Lace Bras You’ll Definitely Feel Confident In

There’s a movement underway within the lingerie industry, a shift in perspective that’s changing how women shop for and wear their unmentionables. After decades of glamazon marketing imagery featuring a parade of unrealistic physiques and measurements (Angels, I’m looking at you), the self-image narrative is finally getting an overhaul across underwear.

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How to Pull Off the Layered Gold Necklace Trend

Personal jewelry pieces have been uncovered in archaeological discoveries across the world, from early prehistoric sites to Ancient Egyptian tombs. Gold jewelry even has its own hieroglyph, taking the form of a broad collar necklace, which honestly sounds like something we’d all still wear today. The popularity of gold jewelery endures, making a statement everywhere from social media to editorials to the looks you’ll see out and about. Gold necklaces continue to be lauded as must-have jewelry fundamentals, modernized through the super current layered necklace and stacked chain sets trends. 

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The Hair Clip Style Guide: How to Get the Look

When it first came to my attention that hair clips were coming back in, two significant points were immediately obvious. The first was that social media influencers led the charge on this style, dictating the look and placement of little details and showing us how to imitate them. The second point was that the re-emergence of this iconic late-90s trend is not Spice Girls 2.0, but an up-leveled, understated application of pretty and practical hair accessories. Where twenty-something Sarah Michelle Gellar gave us a rainbow of colorful oversized butterflies securing conspicuous chunks of hair at 30-degree intervals, the new hair clip aesthetic is closer to the minimalist approach that has grown to redefine jewelry over the past six to seven years. 

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