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Author: Kari Emerson

The Ultimate Guide to Lips: Care & Color

As COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines lift nationwide, it’s time to focus on the part of your face that have been hiding for the past year—your smile in particular!

Lipstick, lip gloss and other lip products have been relatively unimportant for the past year or so with social events and gatherings limited, and face mask mandates enforced nationwide. For those of us who enjoy wearing lipstick, lipliner or lip gloss, the lifted restrictions are a relief. No more makeup smearing across your face or sticking to the inside of your face mask!

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The 3 S’s of Skinimalism, The New Natural Glow Up

No-makeup makeup is the timeless trend of creating the look of minimal-effort, natural-looking makeup looks. If you’ve tried to create this makeup look, you know that the glow up is anything but effortless. Getting that just-rolled-out-of-bed with glowing skin look is harder than it sounds, but a classic everyday look. As a model, I can tell you that this is the ideal look to show off your natural beauty.

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How To Tame and protect Your Frizzy Hair From Humidity

This spring and summer have been long-anticipated after months and months of lockdowns and restrictions. We’re all excited to hit the streets, the parks, the bars, and beaches. But, with the warmer weather comes a few things that aren’t necessarily welcomed by all. I’m talking humidity. While a nice, warm beach day might sound appealing to some, I’m sure I’m not alone in worrying about what the humidity will do to my hair. I have naturally curly hair, and frizz caused by humidity has bee

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