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A Dancer in the Family: Tips for Raising Happy Ballerinas

Seated young dancer in leotard facing away

It starts with a creative dance class, gymnastics birthday party or perhaps tickets to The Nutcracker — and pretty soon your little one can’t stop twirling. Bring on the dance classes, bobby pins and an astonishing amount of laundry and driving. We’ve got some creative tips for raising happy ballerinas while keeping the rest of the family feeling great, too.

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A Dog in the Wedding Party

Woman in bridesmaid's dress walking with dog in flower-accent basket

Your wedding date is set, the venue is booked, and the invitations have been sent. But there is something left to do, and doggone you’ll see it done. It’s time to delegate some duties to your oh-so special pet. That’s right! There’s a dog in the wedding party. We’re here to help with tips and tricks for getting your hound-of-honor successfully down the aisle.

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What’s Your Shop O’Clock?

Shopping bag with pink and blue watches and rose petals

What’s the best time to shop? Is retail therapy better with a morning bagel or do you prefer to do your online shopping in your Saturday sweatsuit? At Zulily, it’s always shop o’clock and we love dishing on great deals, fashion trends and all kinds of fabulous. That’s what The Find is all about!

5 Tips to Create Your Best Bookshelf

Vintage-inspired staging with brass winged pig, old books and windup clock

Bookshelves… Everyone’s got ’em, and they run the gamut from heirloom antique pieces to built-ins to DIY workhorses. Of course, you can stack every shelf with books. But this basic home furnishing component can be a little — or a lot — more than just a warehous for favorite pages. Transform those ledges into your best bookshelf, and a major décor asset.