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Author: Sandra Lee

Piece It Together: 10 Best Jigsaw Puzzles for Toddlers and Kids

Did you have a favorite jigsaw puzzle growing up? My husband remembers the United States map puzzle that I’m sure pretty much everyone had or was gifted at some point in their childhood. Puzzles do so much for our little ones. Studies have shown they help with brain development, motor skills, problem-solving, memory skills, teamwork (if partaking with a friend or family member), and let’s face it, time away from the TV screen. 

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Step by Step: When Do Kids Start Walking?

When my first was born, I eagerly waited to see when the next milestone would hit. From holding her own head to sitting up, crawling and then finally walking. As a new mom, I was excited for the opportunity to be present for all of those first-time moments. I scoured the internet on when do kids walk, checked all the apps, and finally, it happened. 

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You Got This: Best At-Home Workouts for Women for a Fitter Body

We all know going to the gym takes time, planning and money, but with kids, a job and countless responsibilities at home, it’s a tough call. So while going to the gym might be on hold right now, a full-body workout is totally attainable at home. Whether you have 5 minutes or 45 minutes, all you need is a positive mindset, some weights or resistance bands, and some space. 

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