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The Cutest Baby Halloween Costume Ideas of 2021

The Cutest Baby Halloween Costume Ideas of 2021

There are not many things that are as fun as dressing your baby up in a cute costume. For baby’s first Halloween, you might be looking for the perfect baby costume idea. Whether you want to style your baby as your favorite food or your favorite pop culture reference, there is an idea for everyone. This year, make Halloween 2021 the year of the cutest baby Halloween costume out there with our help.  

Infant & Baby Halloween costume ideas

Cute smiling baby in an avocado suit lies on a blue background

Foodie Baby Costume Ideas

Are you raising a baby foodie? Show them off with these fun foodie ideas so cute you will want to eat them up!  

Starbucks Drink 

All you need for this cute baby costume is a plain white onesie, a marker, something to act as the cardboard sleeve and, if preferred, a hat or bow. You can DIY this outfit and enjoy your sweet little beverage of choice!  

Subway Sub 

Grab a plain white swaddle blanket and decorate it with Subway emblems. Or, you can try your luck at getting the actual wrap from the restaurant and attaching that to a larger swaddle blanket. Next grab a plain baby hat and DIY your favorite toppings like onions, lettuce, and tomatoes to top your little baby sub!   


A Halloween costume that is the pits, in the best way possible! Dress your baby in all green, including a hat. Get some light green felt and brown felt. Use these to create the inside of the avocado and the pit on your baby’s belly. Bonus: if you dress as toast, you will make the perfect west coast pair!  

Tootsie Roll

A classic cute baby Halloween costume. Dress your baby in a white onesie and make a tootsie roll “sack” to go over it. You will need dark brown, red, and white felt to make this classic come to life.  

Spaghetti and Meatballs

This is perfect if you have a baby who is old enough to sit up assisted but small enough to fit into a large stockpot. Put your baby in the pot and cover with an outfit of noodles made of string or yarn. Add meatballs made of painted styrofoam balls to top off the meal.  

Pop Culture Baby Costume Ideas

Want your baby to be relevant with all the latest pop culture? Choose one of these costumes trending in 2021. 


Black, white, and red are all the rage for this Disney-inspired outfit. Choose one of Cruella’s outfits and add on the eye mask with face paint or construction paper. Make sure to remember the bright red lipstick and something that resembles her wand.  

Olympic Medalist Allyson Felix 

Cover your baby in medals and honor this heroine of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Create a name bib out of a regular baby’s bib or paper and safety pin it on.  

Taylor Swift   

A long braid, a flowy dress, and a cardigan is all your baby needs to resemble the Folklore hit of 2021. Grab the actual vinyl record or make your own to be the backdrop of your baby’s costume.  

Jeff Bezos in Space 

Craft a baby-sized spacesuit of all blue and let your baby rock their birth-given bald look. Create your own Blue Origin emblem to add. Bonus: Parents can dress like a rocket ship!  

Stacey Abrams 

Do you have a budding advocate on your hands? Clearly display the word “VOTE” across your baby’s outfit. Bring a clipboard for your baby encouraging others to register as voters. 

Halloween Family. Happy Father, Mother and Children Girls in Halloween Costume and Makeup. Bloody theme: the crazy maniak faces on pink studio background

Family Costume Ideas

Dress up the whole family in matching costumes! 

Addams Family  

This is a classic family costume idea, but this year it is even more fitting. With the Addams Family 2 movie released in October, you are right on time. Dress your family characters in black and white and grab a couple of wigs if you need to. Have fun going from normal family to creepy family for a night.   

Space Jam   

Another classic release in 2021 is Space Jam: A New Legacy. Dress the family up as Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Porky Pig, or any of the other fan favorites. You can even dress your baby as a basketball for a fun addition to the team.  

Boat and Pirates

Create a sea-worthy boat out of a cardboard box and use it to create a boat costume for your baby. Next, dress you and your partner as pirates. Make sure to add on the gold jewelry.   

Bulldozer and Construction Workers 

Get ready to bulldoze through the party as you turn your baby into a bulldozer (though maybe he already is if he is on the move!) With a cardboard box and some creativity, you can transform your baby. Dress up as a construction worker with your favorite old jeans and reflective gear and add on hard hats to complete the look.   

Popcorn and Vendors 

This is the perfect costume if you plan on taking your baby in a baby carrier. To make this mom and baby Halloween costume, decorate the carrier as a bag of popcorn. Take a baby hat and add popcorn pieces. Dress as a vendor. Voila. You make the perfect duo. 

Stroller Costume Ideas

If you are participating in a parade or going trick-or-treating, you may want to keep your baby in the stroller. Here are some cute baby Halloween costume ideas you can make with your stroller.  


Cut a large piece of foam into a rectangle that will fit around the opening of your baby’s stroller. Use a sharpie to create the speaker on top and the home bottom on the bottom. Use ribbon to attach it to the stroller and add your baby for the cutest home screen picture ever.  

Kissing Booth 

Cover your prince or princess with love by making them into a kissing booth. You will want to create a square shape around the stroller opening using a box and fabric. You can use a dowel rod to make the fabric stand out and allow the words to be read. Use foam or cutout foam letters to display the kissing booth text. Make sure to cover your baby with kiss outlines for the full effect.  

Cabbage Patch Doll 

Your baby is already as cute as a button. Creating a packaging box around him will turn him into a real-life cabbage patch doll. With a green backdrop and a yellow box outline, everyone will awe over your babe. You can print or draw the logo and, if desired, add a long yarn wig.  

Poker Dealer 

Let the games begin with your very own poker dealer. Us the stroller tray to create a dealer’s table with green felt. Glue on playing cards and poker chips. Dress your baby up with a green visor and a fancy vest. This dealer does take bribes, though, in the form of milk.   


This easy baby costume will also keep unwanted hands-off. Cover the top of the stroller with netting and glue on DIY cotton ball bees.  

Halloween baby costume gumball machine

Last-Minute Baby Costume Ideas

If you are anything like me, you are the mom finding this article in late October. As you prepare for Halloween, we have you covered with last-minute costume ideas for your baby. They are still super cute, so do not worry.  

Old Lady with Hair Rollers 

Everyone loves a baby dressed up as an old lady. You can create a wig by gluing cotton balls all over a hat. Glue in rollers for an extra cute effect. Then, dress your baby in a dress, cardigan, and a pair of glasses, a scarf, and some pearls.  

Gumball Machine 

This fast and easy baby costume idea requires a red onesie, metallic number stickers (think house number stickers), and colored cotton balls. Add the number stickers to the onesie to show .25 cents. Add the colored cotton balls to a hat to show the top of the gumball machine.  


Another last-minute DIY baby costume requiring a onesie, pants, cotton balls, and something to add on the ears. You can put this outfit together in no time and have a cozy little lamb on their first Halloween. This is a perfect cheap baby Halloween costume that is still adorable.  


Grab a white shirt and use felt, construction paper, or anything else you can find to make stripes all across. Add on a matching hat and glasses. For a bonus bring along a camera!   

’80s Workout 

Get out baby’s neon and a few hair scrunchies and dress your baby up for that ‘80s workout you used to do. Create a boom box out of a cardboard box and keep it next to the baby for the full effect. 

Halloween baby and mom with pumpkin

Easy Baby Costumes at Zulily

Want to skip the DIY costumes for your baby and find something already made and cute to boot? Zulily always has affordable kids’ costumes for the whole family. Find a cute baby costume and grab something for the rest of the family too. Happy halloween!  

Fresh from The Find

Easy Costume Ideas for Kids Under 10

For kids under 10, Halloween is particularly magical. Get inspired for your kids’ costumes with this list of easy Halloween costume ideas for elementary school kids.  

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