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Baby Shower Gift Ideas (Items New Parents Will Actually Use!)

Baby Shower Gift Ideas (Items New Parents Will Actually Use!)
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You’ve just been invited to a friend or family member’s baby shower. Yay! But wait – before you go running off to buy the cutest baby clothes you can find, check out this list of baby shower gift ideas that the parents-to-be will actually use (over and over again, in fact). Because while those onesies with funny sayings or the fancy, frilly dresses can be hard to resist, there are definitely some great baby shower gifts that are sure to be a hit – and used far more frequently.

By Anna Keller, curiouser & curiouser

I know that when I was a first-time mama-to-be, I was pretty clueless about what we’d need. I had a friend help me build my registry, but there were things my husband and I ended up buying – or items we thankfully received as baby shower gifts – that weren’t on the registry and ended up being our most-used items. It’s true that all babies are different, but this is a relatively foolproof list of items just about any parents-to-be would be thrilled to receive as baby shower gifts (whether they realize it at the time or not…).

Ready for some baby shower gift ideas? Let’s dig in!:

Choose items with all the zippers

New parents will be changing LOTS of diapers – many late at night and in the wee hours of the morning – and there’s nothing worse than having to snap up a pair of tiny pajamas or re-wrap a complicated swaddle when you can barely see straight at 2 a.m. Enter zippers: a baby shower gift that Mom and Dad will silently thank you for night after night. Whether you’re going for a pair of baby pajamas or a swaddle, always, always, always choose the zipper version.

(Note: There are also some fancy newer baby pajamas that use magnets to fasten them. Those seem great, too, and equally user friendly!)

Stock up on diapers – in sizes larger than newborn – and wipes

This may not be a unique baby shower gift idea, but it’s most certainly a useful one. Plus, by going with diapers in larger sizes, you’re helping the parents-to-be in a big way. There’s nothing like being able to go to a closet and pull out a fresh box of diapers when the baby is ready to size up – something that can sometimes happen rather unexpectedly! You might want to check with the parents-to-be to see if they have a preferred diaper or wipe brand to get extra points, too. (If they’re first-time parents and you aren’t, they may be open to your recommendations here, too! Consider your wisdom a bonus baby shower gift…)

Make a college fund donation

True, this isn’t a gift the new baby will be using anytime soon, but it’s definitely a thoughtful one and makes for a good baby shower gift. It shows your commitment to the child’s long-term growth and success, and it will stand out as a unique baby shower gift, too.

Give the parents-to-be restaurant gift cards or a meal subscription service

This one is more of a baby shower gift idea for Mom and Dad because the last thing new parents want to worry about is their next meal. Help them out by giving them a few gift cards to favorite local restaurants of theirs or – if they’re a bit more into cooking – perhaps go for a meal subscription service.

Go for clothes, but size up and choose the style wisely

The expectant parents are bound to receive lots of clothes as baby shower gifts (especially if they’ve announced the gender prior to the shower), but often those clothing gifts are in very small sizes (like newborn or 0-3 months). I LOVED having clothes in larger sizes ready for my daughter to grow into, and so when I gift clothes as baby shower gifts I make a point to choose larger sizes (sometimes even 18 months or 2T). Also, when you’re choosing clothes be sure to consider the parents’ style. Are they ones who’d enjoy lots of silly sayings on clothes or tons of sequins, or would they want something more classic and toned down? The baby is more likely to wear your cute baby shower gift of clothing if the parents feel like the style is in keeping with theirs! (You can check their registry for clothing to get some hints on this, too, if needed.)

Gift a pair or two of baby booties with snaps

Let’s be honest: Baby socks never stay on well, and babies don’t need to wear shoes until they’re walking (which typically happens around the time they turn 1). Enter one of the best baby shower gifts: booties with snaps. There are lots of brands that make these, and my daughter lived in them for the first year of her life. They’ll stay on baby’s feet and keep them warm and cozy. This is a cute baby shower gift that’s sure to please!

Put together a baby first aid kit

Thankfully little ones are quite resilient because a few bumps along the way are sure to happen. It can be so helpful for parents to have a first aid kit – complete with items like an easy-to-use thermometer, Baby Tylenol, band-aids, chest rub for coughs, a nasal aspirator, and more is a unique baby shower gift – and talk about useful! Believe me: the new parents will be so grateful when their kiddo gets his or her first fever and this kit comes to the rescue.

Anna Keller

Creator of Curiouser and Curiouser, Anna Keller blogs about parenting, pregnancy, health & wellness, fashion, and more. Her compelling content can be read by those who love brands such as Beyond Yoga and the blog Triad Moms on Main.

Anna’s priority in all that she does – whether it’s with her family and friends, through her writing, during her work as a Pure Barre teacher, or as a Beautycounter consultant – is connection. After all, from connection comes understanding, purpose, and joy.

She lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with her husband, Kevin, and their 3-year-old daughter, Maggie, and she’s pregnant with a baby boy due on Valentine’s Day!

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