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Baby Shower Favors That Are Sure To Please

Baby Shower Favors That Are Sure To Please
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Let’s have a moment of honesty here: We’ve all been the recipient of baby shower gifts or favors that were…not especially useful. Right? (I know that’s been the case for me – for baby showers, for weddings, etc., in fact.) If you’re in charge of planning a baby shower, I wanted to put together a list of actually useful baby shower party favors that will also be adorable during the event itself. After all, what better way to show guests that you appreciate them attending the shower than to have them leave with a baby shower thank you gift they’re thrilled to take home?

Before I jump into specific ideas, here are two key tips for choosing baby shower hostess gifts your guests will actually use:

  1. If it’s something that’s meant to be used over a long period of time or displayed in a home, avoid putting any cutesy sayings or personalization on it. It’s much more likely that your guests will use your baby shower party favor if you follow that advice! Plus, you can always incorporate that fun saying on a removable tag. (It’s different, of course, for consumable items like food.)
  2. Don’t worry too much about making sure your baby shower favors align perfectly with your overarching baby shower theme. If they happen to align, that’s a lucky strike extra, but don’t sweat it too much.

Jar of Honey: There’s nothing sweeter than a baby, so why not go with local honey for a super sweet baby shower thank you gift for guests, too?  

Since this is a consumable baby shower party favor, you can have fun with the label, too, if you’d like! Try something like “Sweetness ahead!” or “Sweet Baby Boy.” This is one that can be paired seamlessly with an overall bee theme for your shower yet still be a baby shower party favor your guests will love using afterward.

Measuring Spoons/Cups: Just about everyone can use a set of measuring spoons or measuring cups, and they can be a cute way to celebrate a new baby on the way.

To customize these for the shower, make adorable tags that say something like “Love beyond measure,” but work to find pretty standard (yet still pretty) measuring spoons or measuring cups for a unique baby shower favor that’s a useful one, too!

Kitchen Whisk: Stir up some excitement – there’s a baby hatching soon!

A whisk is another unique baby shower favor – and another kitchen tool – that you can feel confident your guests will actually use. By creating a neat removable tag with a clever line like “Hatching soon!” you’ll be able to pull in the baby shower element without forever making the whisk a very obviously baby-themed item.

Wildflower Seeds: A great baby shower hostess gift idea that your guests will enjoy long after the shower!

This is another baby shower gift idea for guests that can be customized a bit, because of course they’d be removing the seeds from the packet and planting them. You can have cute labels printed that say something like “Baby in bloom” to align them with the shower, and then your shower guests can think of the fun event – and the sweet new little one – as they watch their flowers grow!

Succulent: Everyone loves a succulent, so why not make them your baby shower party favors?

Succulents are oh-so trendy, and it’s well deserved: They’re a beautiful addition to any room of your home and they’re so very easy to keep alive, even for someone with a not-so-green thumb. They can also be awesome baby shower favors for those reasons – and one you know guests will continue to enjoy long after the event. Find beautiful (yet not at all baby-themed) pots for your succulents, and consider adding a removeable tag saying something like “Watch me grow!” to tie in the shower piece.

Mini Champagne Bottles: Mama’s about to pop – and so are these bottles!

You can’t go wrong with this adorable baby shower favor, and since again it’s a consumable item you can go crazy with the bottle itself. Mini champagne bottles make for fun baby shower party favors, and they’re also a way to help people celebrate beyond the shower. The idea is they’ll take the champagne home and chill it in their fridge, and when they get the news that the little one has been born, they’ll pop the bottle and toast the new baby! You KNOW that’s a baby shower favor all your guests will love.

Cute Hair Ties: A fun baby shower favor for a little girl’s shower.

Every woman knows you can never have too many hair ties, and it’s always helpful to have some extras stashed away in your purse, your car, etc. This baby shower thank you gift will help guests build up their hair tie supply and be a sweet way to think of the baby girl on the way! Some ties come on cardboard that can be customized with a message, or you can tie them directly onto a thank you card for your guests to grab as you leave. Either way, these definitely qualify as useful and unique baby shower favors!

Hot Cocoa Mix: Treat your guests to something sweet to sip on after the shower.

This baby shower thank you gift idea works especially well for showers hosted in the fall or winter months. Send your guests home with a bag of hot cocoa mix, and design baby-themed labels that say something like “Sweetness ahead!” to make them extra shower perfect. Oh, and don’t forget the marshmallows as part of these oh-so sweet baby shower party favors!

P.S. On the hunt for the perfect gift to bring to the baby shower? Look no further!

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