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How Different Mom Generations Pick Baby Clothes

How Different Mom Generations Pick Baby Clothes

With spring, comes the promise of flowers, sunnier weather and….baby clothes! Whether you’re filling out your calendar with virtual baby showers or preparing for your own growing family, many spend the spring – and some sleepless nights – preparing to welcome a baby into their home and life.

 At Zulily, the online retailer for moms, we hold a special sale called Welcome Baby twice a year that gathers all the best deals on all things baby, whether it’s baby clothes, baby gear, nursery décor, or items for maternity, postpartum and more. Though we offer all of those items throughout the year, in the Welcome Baby Shop, in April and September our merchandising team gathers the best deals on everyday essentials and big-ticket items like strollers, bassinets, high chairs and more as parents get ready to welcome a new baby home.

And although we know this time can be incredibly hopeful, it can be stressful, too! According to our research, 7 in 10 moms report waking up at least once in the middle of the night

Sleepless moms will be surprised during restless nights with free shipping on orders placed over $35 between 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. Eastern starting on April 7 through April 12, 2021.

This year’s deals include: Ruffle footies from Kickee Pants for as low as $17.99 and Bedside sleeper & bassinet from Baby Delight as low as $84.99. But, shoppers will have to tune in each night to score that surprise deal.

You’ve heard of Millennials and Gen Z – but did you know that there are microgenerations within mom groups that have distinct shopping habits when it comes to baby clothes and newborn must-haves?

Mother using a computer and holding her baby

In two February 2021 surveys of approximately 500 Moms, Zulily discovered three sets of “mom generations: TikTok Moms (ages 25-34), Facebook Moms (ages 35-44) and Mixtape Moms (age 45-54), which all have different approaches in how they select baby clothes!

You might be a TikTok Mom if…

  • You splurged to make things a little easier. Thirty-eight percent of TikTok Moms were more likely to invest in a big-ticket item such as deluxe strollers, upscale crib, or a hands-free breast pump to lighten their parenting load. After all, don’t we all want what’s best for baby?

 You might be a Facebook Mom if...

  •  You wish you had invested in more self-care! One third of Facebook Moms wish they had purchased more self-care items and a better baby lounger when they were a new mom.

You might be a Mixtape Mom if… 

  • You don’t turn to search engines first to get your parenting questions answered. Mixtape Moms were the least likely to turn to search engines (5 percent) to get their baby questions answered in the middle of the night, half the amount of TikTok moms (10 percent). But, no judgement if you turn to the Zulily blog to get some expert advice on how to do a dream feed!

of Moms say Humor helps them navigate motherhood's challenges

Moms say getting a great deal on all things baby is important - especially baby clothes!

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