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The 2023 Back-to-School Guide

From kids’ clothing trends to getting your command center ready, we have all the tips to get you ready for day one.

Group of smiling kids laying in a circle on the grass

Back-To-School OutfitS

Athleisure Fashion for Kids


with Zulily’s Fashion Experts

As school is back in full swing, kids are gravitating toward 90s- and Y2K-inspired looks, activewear paired with streetwear, and farm-chic cottagecore. Whether your child is into classic varsity looks, something artsy – or even just graphic tees – the goal is to find the looks that allow them to express and celebrate themselves.

Get the full kids’ fashion trend report for this school year.

Plus, don’t miss Zulily’s kid designers’ picks for back-to-school looks!

Customize Kids Outfit

The Power Of The ‘Fit

According to a Zulily study, kids use style to help them feel their best, channel confidence and boost performance at school. Encourage your kids to personalize their look with patches, pins and colors.

Pro-tip: Routines create good habits. Create an am/pm check-off list including daily tasks for grooming, nutrition, school prep, chores and picking out their outfit for the next day.

Celebrate the Return to Routine

Accessorize Appropriately

Unicorn and Colorblock Backpack

Pack It All In

Buying the best school backpacks for your kids means finding the right size, features, style (naturally!) – plus all the essentials they need for inside. Study our backpack guide to score the right pack for your kid’s back.

Red kid's sneaker held up by a t-rex dinosaur toy


Running, jumping, skipping, playing – kids do it all in sneakers. They’re the shoes your kids will probably spend the most time in, so it’s important they fit well. Print our handy shoe size guide to make sure your kids have the right shoes for the school year.

Shop Back-to-School Essentials

Conquer Your Clutter

Entryway Drop Zone


Set up an entryway drop zone to keep up with school meetings, practices, rehearsals and projects.

Add a calendar or planner that’s visible to everyone with a color for each family member to keep up with everyone, too!

Price Check

If you think prices have gone up lately, compare the cost over the decades of back-to-school favorites, including backpacks ($3.98 in 1967!), high-top sneakers, a box of crayons and more with Zulily’s 2022 Back-to-School Essentials Inflation Report.

Stay fresh, Fueled and Focused

Packed and Prepped

Help the kids stay hydrated by letting them pick out their own water bottle and personalize it with stickers. 


Recess-Ready Snacks

Pack healthy snacks like fruit bars, bananas, granola, yogurt squeezers, nuts and popcorn in reusable storage containers.

More Back-To-School Inspiration

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