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Bailey’s Style Q&A: What to Wear on a Valentine’s Day Date

Bailey’s Style Q&A: What to Wear on a Valentine’s Day Date
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By Bailey Stuvland The Bailey Daily

Q: I’m going on a date for Valentine’s Day and want to dress cute and stylish but it’s been so long since I have pulled a pretty look together. What are some fun outfit ideas for a Valentine’s Day date?

A: It’s so fun to dress up for a Valentine’s Day date! Whether you are going out to eat at a fancy restaurant or staying in and having food prepared, dressing up for your date makes it feel special. So, why not put the sweats aside for one day and get dolled up for a change? Here are a few outfit ideas for what to wear on a Valentine’s Day date that will make you look beautiful and feel like a total knockout this year!

Ruffled Blouse & Jeans

Get your hands on this season’s hottest trend with a voluminous ruffled blouse and jeans. It’s even better if the blouse has balloon sleeves or comes in a unique material like taffeta. Then, pair with your cropped flare denim jeans and black sock boots for your V-Day dinner date. Add a pair of adorable heart-shaped earrings for a look that will make hearts melt.

Layered Midi Dress

If you feel like wearing a cute midi dress for your Valentine’s Day dinner date, layer with a basic long-sleeve underneath. This will add a touch of uniqueness and is a cute winter look too. A satin midi dress would be cute as it’s dressy yet casual with the long-sleeve underneath. Complete the look with combat boots or ankle booties for a feminine with an edge vibe. Wear some cute heart-shaped hair clips in your hair to add some sparkle and warm some hearts.

Puffy Sleeve Dress

If you are opting for something a little more on the feminine side this year, choose an above the knee dress for a flirty vibe. Puffy sleeve dresses are trending right with details like ruching, bows, and babydoll styles. They also come in a wide variety of prints too from mini florals, polka dots, pastels and sophisticated neutrals. Whichever style you choose, amp up your look with heels or, for an unexpected look, choose chunky sneakers or sleek booties Add a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses because you will be seeing the love all around you this Valentine’s day and your date will only have eyes for you.

Sweater Set & Pants

Matching sweater sets are such a trend right now and so sweet for a cute Valentine’s Day look. Grab one in V-Day colors like pink, lavender or red and wear them with high waisted black pants or jeans. Finish the look with a pair of classic flats. Bonus points if your cardigan (or flats) have accents like rhinestones, pearls or especially hearts. Show your date you truly wear your heart on your sleeve (or on the outside).

Satin Cami, Blazer & Skirt

Mix it up with different textures for your Valentine’s Day dinner date. Wear a lighter pink satin camisole, velvet blazer in either black or burgundy and a denim skirt. You can even wear black tights to the look in case it’s cold. Complete the look with neutral ballet flats, knee-high boots or pumps. Accessorize with delicate layered necklaces including a Valentine’s day inspired heart-shaped pendant to show your love this holiday.

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!



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