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Baskets for Spring Decorating & More

Baskets for Spring Decorating & More
basket lined with burlap and filled with pastel-colored faux robin eggs

It’s that time of year when our dreams are filled with images of beautiful blossoms, leafy trees… and the rustic touch that woven wicker adds to spaces and occasions. We’re talking about baskets for spring decorating. Whether you’re getting ready for a delivery from the Easter Bunny, hosting a Passover Seder or simply looking forward to a greener season, a few baskets may be just what you need. Here are just a few ways to do so:

Textural Tables & Table Toppers

From actual woven fibers to textured ceramics and metals, basket-style accents feel fresh and nature-inspired. Source a new end table with that crisscross vibe. Or use baskets as decorative planters, art objects, toy or blanket bins, trays and even tissue or toiletry holders.

Perhaps the most classic of all baskets for spring decorating is the delectable centerpiece. Fill baskets with dyed eggs, spring fruits (lemons, oranges, kumquats, kiwis) or wheatgrass and edible flowers (nasturtiums and marigolds). When the party is over, you may even choose to empty the basket and enjoy a second feast.

A Woven Gallery Wall

Instead of photos or paintings, consider featuring baskets on a wall in your home. Choose lightweight baskets in colorful or neutral hues – and an assortment of sizes and textures. Before hanging, map out your arrangement on the wall with masking or painter’s tape. Try anchoring your gallery wall design by putting the largest basket near the center and working outward. If desired, add a few non-basket items, such as small framed artworks, dried flowers or rustic signs. Hint: Odd numbers of art objects, such as 3, 5 or 7, can be pleasing to the eye (and they’re more forgiving since perfect symmetry isn’t required!). 

A Fabulous Easter Basket

Build a better basket by focusing on the recipient’s age and favorite colors, hobby or dream. Then you can (mostly!) skip the candy. For younger kids, a fantasy-inspired collection of items is a great option. Tweens and teens enjoy “treasure” assortments with accessory or music themes. A personalized basket (or personalized gift inside) adds an extra-special touch.

Spring Fashion With a Twist

Hats and handbags are natural fits for basket-weave designs. Adding a woven accessory helps give favorite transitional looks a fresh lift. From practical pieces, like a sun hat or beach bag, to whimsical novelty purses to dressier latticework pocketbooks, there’s a woven win out there for everyone.

Here’s wishing you basketfuls of spring joy – and happy shopping!

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