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Bathing Suits: Trending Swimwear 2021

Bathing Suits: Trending Swimwear 2021

Bathing Suits: Trending Swimwear 2021

By Bailey Stuvland, The Bailey Daily

Calling all swimmers to the pool! It’s adult swim time! If you’re like me, then you’ve long awaited a turn back at the beaches, public pools, resorts, etc. Even if it is the middle of winter, let’s turn the spotlight on resort wear. And even if we can’t necessarily travel to the finest resorts right away, we can still dream. Or, maybe you are that lucky and live in an area with a warm climate and have your own pool. Either way, here we will discuss the latest trends in 2021 swimwear with the high hopes that we will be walking on those beaches and swimming in those pools very soon.



I live for a high-waisted two-piece bathing suit style. Personally, I feel they are the most flattering of them all. This year, the 90’s and 2000’s styles are in fashion. So, Halle Berry’s iconic orange belted two-piece in the James Bond movie Die Another Day, is a trend we will be seeing more of. Only in a high-waisted version. Those 90’s high-waisted, high cut bikini bottoms are back too and in bright neon colors (especially orange) with matching tube tops.


Neutrals: Black, Brown, Beige

It’s like the LBD but the LBB, the little black bikini. You can’t go wrong in a classic black bathing suit and many of the latest trends are showing two piece suits in classic triangle top and bottom. In addition, brown was a major trend during the fall of last year and continues to make a splash this spring. This time in swimwear. This is definitely the color of the season that you’ll want to wear this spring/summer – plus it will look great with your tan/spray tan. Beige is another neutral color that is trending which is cool and elegant for swimwear.



Ruffles add a touch of femininity to any look and many 2021 swimwear designs are showing ruffles in many forms. Soft, delicate ruffles in floral prints are being shown on two-piece tops and bottoms which are fairly standard. Then, alternatively, there is volume. Ruffles are being played up at large volumes. Quite similarly to many trending styles we saw last fall/winter. In swimwear, large ruffles appear on shoulders in asymmetric styles and on the collar on one-piece styles. The bigger the better, and it makes a large fashion statement.



Oftentimes the fabric you choose is just as important as the style you choose. This new smocked elastic or textured fabric is a really thin style of smocking and it’s also really soft to the touch. So, it’s not your typical feminine type of smocking you see with ruffles. It’s more of a modern spin on the fabrication, with texture, and typically designed with stretch to fit comfortably. They come in one or two-piece styles. So, opt for a classic one piece or retro style square neckline bikini. I can’t wait to get my hands on this style this season.


animal prints

Tiger, leopard, cheetah…all the animal prints! They are all making a fierce comeback again this season in swimwear and I don’t think we’re mad about it. The best part is that these prints generally are considered part of your neutral color palette, which is why they are easy to mix and match. I love pairing them with bold pops of color or unique prints too with cover-ups and caftans. Or, you could go the more neutral route and pair them with black, white or neutral color tones. There are lots of ways to wear animal prints, belted or as a strapless one-piece which are fun options. Just be sure to bring your wild side!



Asymmetrical silhouettes have really turned up the heat on your average one-piece bathing suit which is why they are a major trending swimwear 2021 style. They are showing up all across the board on one-pieces, bikini tops and even cut-out bathing suits. They have a really unique way of taking an average bathing suit and taking it to the next level or giving it that wow factor. Another fun way to wear this style is by mixing trends. Wearing an asymmetrical, textured style in brown for example. You will score major fashion points there.



Finally, we saw some of this last year, but sporty bathing suits are trending this year. That goes for long sleeves, rash guards, bathing suits with zippers and performance swimwear. Also designer brands names with logos, high cut one-piece bottoms (think Baywatch) and other sporty details like drawstrings with toggles. So, if you are looking to compete for best in style, this may be the right swimwear choice for you.

Here’s to hoping we all get to enjoy some fun in the sun in the very near future! Don’t forget the SPF!



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