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Get the Bathroom Ready for Guests

Get the Bathroom Ready for Guests
Claw-foot tub with gray-and-white chevron shoer curtain, wicker and wood accessories, seafoam textiles

Every visitor appreciates a fabulous bathroom

Whether they’re stopping by for cocktails or staying for the weekend, guests will certainly pop into your powder or bathroom. Give this essential space more than just a scrub with these simple tips and design ideas.

Bathroom with ornate gold wall decor, black-and-white stripe shower curtain with poppy border

Say it with a shower curtain. Inexpensive and creative, a shower curtain is a clever starting point for a bathroom decor refresh. Through print, pattern and even text, a shower curtain helps define the color scheme and design motif — such as floral, romantic or regal — for the rest of your styling choices.

A well-chosen stool adds step-up convenience, an extra surface for towels, and a splash of style. Stool design should fit the function of the bathroom. Will this bathroom be used by everyone in the house? Only overnight guests? Mostly adults? Kids, too? The more use the room gets, the sturdier the stool. Think metal or molded plastic. For a less-frequented space, consider a quirky pedestal or wicker piece.

Bathroom with world map shower curtain and red two-step stool

Don’t keep anyone hanging! Equip your space with bathroom towel racks, baskets, hooks and knobs for keeping towels, robes and clothing changes off the floor. These small functional accents can have big style impact, so take some time selecting pieces that are both practical and pleasing. If space is at a premium, consider placing a towel basket on top of the toilet or mounting hooks on the back of the bathroom door.

Wire basket holding white and blue hand towels, blue-tint hand soap on vanity

Towels are tops. Quality bath towels are a luxurious treat, making a visit to your home feel a little like a vacation. Consider offering a selection of coordinating colors or patterns — it adds energy to your design and helps avoid towel mix-ups between guests. You can even raise the (towel!) bar by filling a clear dispenser with matching liquid soap or adding other matching vanity items.

Claw-foot tub with gray-and-white chevron shoer curtain, wicker and wood accessories, seafoam textiles

You’ve got your plan, here are the ABC’s of putting it into action:


Arrange soaps, shampoos and other essentials in plain view —along with any special extras, such as slippers, bath oils, or a basket of toothbrushes — so that guests know they are welcome to help themselves.


Basic is beautiful. Bathrooms should feel both tranquil and clean, so focus on simple storage and practical accent pieces.


Create a sense of calm. Tone-on-tone colorplay is a modern yet soothing design trick. Choose pastels, beachy or neutral hues.

Now, take a look around — you’ve got a bathroom to brag about!

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