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The Best Sunglasses For Every Face Shape

The Best Sunglasses For Every Face Shape

You know how the saying goes, “see the world through rose colored glasses?” This means to see the world better than it really is – which isn’t really such a bad idea. I suppose with that kind of positivity you could make anything happen. Well, I’m here to tell you that rose colored lenses may be making a comeback this year. Along with various other sunglasses trends. Plus, aren’t we all ready to get outside, throw some shades on and hang out in the sunlight?! Yes, please! So, for that reason, I put together a list of trending sunglasses styles, so you’ll be well ahead of the game come spring/summer. And, how to look for the right frames according to your face shape, in case you may need a reminder. Together, these tips will help you build your best sunglasses collection for 2021.

1. Know your face shape

It’s sort of one of those things that a lot of people should know, but not all people do. So, in order to select the best eyewear for our face, you need to know your face shape. To determine the shape of your face, stand in front of the mirror and pull your hair away from your face. You can use the diagram below but pay close attention to the jawline, cheekbones and forehead as they are good indicators of which face shape category you fall under.

Once you find your face shape, you can research which frames work best for your face. There are various online tools you can use nowadays including websites that actually let you upload your picture and try on glasses virtually. This goes for sunglasses and eyeglasses too in case you’re curious. And just because the “rules” say your standard face type generally is suited for x, y, and z frames doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t try other styles. Just use it as a guide.

2. Types of Sunglasses Styles That Work Best For for Every Face Shape

Oval Faces

Oval faces can wear any frame with their long rounded face shape. Since, these face shapes can pull off any style, the bolder the better here, honey! At least that’s what I would do. Take on this season’s hottest trend with oversized glasses. They are always in and always a fashion statement. 

Square Faces

They say opposites attract, so although many frames also look lovely on square faces, rounds shapes suit them best. Round frames are the most on-trend style of the past year and are set to be this year’s hottest style as well. Rimless will soften or dark rounded will play up stronger features.

Round Faces

Focus on square and rectangular frames if you have a round face. It’s all about balance here. So, by adding strong angular frames with help balance out the face shape and provide structure. 

Diamond Faces 

Although rare, with their narrower forehead, chin and fuller cheeks, oval glasses work best for this face shape. Or, for the fun and funky, cat-eye glasses will complement this face shape perfectly. Cat-eye glasses will draw the face upwards which also makes you look younger. 

Heart Faces

Rectangle, oval or aviator shapes work best on heart shaped faces. Heart shaped faces look best in thinner, lighter colored frames too which will also soften angular features and create balance. Gold aviator styles are gonna be a hot trend which would be perfect for heart faces.

3. Sunglasses Trends

Now that we have determined face shapes and corresponding frames that compliment each face shape, let’s do a recap of the trending sunglasses styles for 2021.

  1. Oversized: Futuristic, sporty or blacked-out
  2. Round: Retro styles, colored frames, classics
  3. Rectangles: Geometric, chunky shapes, colored lenses & lucite (in rose, olive, yellow, etc.)
  4. Cat-eye: Vintage yet modern, plastic angled frames, edgy & glamorous
  5. Aviator: Gold-rimmed styles & colored/gradient lenses

4. Sunglasses Assortment

But like trends, these styles will come and go. So it’s also important to adhere to timeless classic pieces that not only fit your face shape, but will last you a long time. Therefore, spending more for quality pieces will actually benefit you more in the long run than buying multiple pairs of less expensive pairs. Plus, sunglasses are important in the protection of your vision too. Now, don’t get me wrong, I too have dabbled in the trendier styles, by purchasing the cheapies, but they really don’t last you that long. So, really, it’s best to invest in a few that are nice, quality pairs. And, in an assortment of styles. Variety is the spice of life, so mix it up and alway try to have an assortment in your collection. I recommend having at least these three styles in your collection: 

  1. Oversized 
  2. Classic
  3. Trendy 

5. Build Your Collection!

Over time you may build out a fun little assortment of styles into a collection of sunglasses as you go along. Sometimes picking up a pair as you travel which will always be a reminder of that certain place or time. Keep your variety of pairs organized on display cases or shelving units where they are visible and you can pull from everyday. Eventually, you’ll have a pair to coordinate with each outfit! 

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