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Be Cozy: Robes You Will Love to Stay Home in During Winter Break and Beyond

Be Cozy: Robes You Will Love to Stay Home in During Winter Break and Beyond
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By Bailey Stuvland, The Bailey Daily

Winter break is a time to reset and recharge before the new year. This year it is important to be especially mindful by staying inside and keeping everyone safe at home. Therefore, what better way to spend your time at home then being cozy and wrapped in your favorite loungewear pieces, a robe and slippers. If you have not quite found your favorite set of cozies, you are in luck. This guide will address all the best types of materials to choose from when selecting your new favorite robe and slippers too!

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These are the types of robes that you are most likely to find at high end spas and luxury resorts. They are relatively new to the market but are gaining increased popularity among the masses. This amazingly soft material almost has a suede or satiny texture to it which is great for a robe as it feels like second skin. Another amazing feature to microfiber is that, just like in a towel or dish towel, they are lightweight and have highly effective water absorbency. This makes them great for right out of the shower and for lounging at home as they are soft and cozy too. Cucumber water, anyone?


This square patterned robe is also a very common type of robe used in hotels and spas alike. Notable features of the waffle robe are: they are lightweight, they insulate well, are often made of 100% turkish cotton, and they are fast drying. They may not be the coziest or warmest of the group, but they look really nice and are light weight. So make sure you don your waffle robe while you eat your waffles and read the morning paper.

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Terry Cloth

Terry Cloth is possibly the most common material of all robes as we have been wearing this material in robes for years. It is made of 100% cotton similar to what we find in our everyday towels and hand towels which makes them great for water absorbency. They are fluffy, soft and are a great type of robe for everyday wear or lounging. A perfect pair for your morning foamy vanilla latte.


Typically, flannel is a great material for fall and winter. Some people even have a fall/winter robe and a spring/summer robe for the change in temperatures, hence the need for warmer or cooler materials. Flannels were formerly combined with wool fabrics which turned away many consumers. However, as of late and the turn of the cozy movement, flannels are being made with cottons for a softer hand feel. Flannel robes are especially great for winter as they will keep you warm and toasty on a cold winter’s night. Hot chocolate and cookies strongly advised.

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Sherpa or Fleece

Like wrapping yourself in a big ol’ blanket, the sherpa or fleece robe is the best in cozy and warm. They are also so plush and fuzzy with an incredibly soft hand feel. Great for chilly mornings with coffee or cold nights curled up by the fire with a nice full bodied Cab

Silk or Satin

Silks and satins are made to feel like second skin. They are very lightweight and are typically meant for warmer environments or when you are getting dressed up for a special occasion. For example, this satin robes would be a part of your spring/summer robe collection. Slightly more glamorous, yet lightweight, as it will flow easily into your busy or not so busy lifestyle. Slip into a satiny robe and a glass of silky chardonnay to end your day or holiday.

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This type of material is also gaining major popularity as of recent. Velour, similar to velvet, is soft and luxurious to the touch. Which makes this fabric the ultimate or top choice rated material in bathrobes or lounge robes. They are thick and heavy too which is something to keep in mind as they are mainly used during colder months. One thing is for sure, velour will keep you feeling super comfy, cozy, and chic. It goes well with an Irish Coffee and may even put you down for a long winter’s nap.

Of course, once you select the material that you love to lounge in, then you have to select style, length, fit and the overall vibe that you are looking for. That is all personal preference and part of the fun process of it all. And again, it is wise to have two, one for spring/summer and one for fall/winter so try and get as much as a variety in the two that you can. Also, be sure to choose high quality robes that will last you for a couple of years as well. 

Little girl and grandma doing manicures together in pink robes

Of all the beautiful and high quality varieties in robe fabrications, the only hard part will be finding the right pair of slippers to match! There are also more great deals in the Cold-Weather Shop where you can find ways to keep your toes toasty during the cold winter months. There are tons of adorable options for your kids too! This is a great way to get matching robe and slipper sets for you and the whole family to enjoy during your winter break and beyond! Stay warm, comfy, chic and cozy! 

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