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Be Organized: A closet organization guide for the new year

Be Organized: A closet organization guide for the new year
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By Bailey Stuvland, The Bailey Daily

A new year calls for new goals and a fresh start! So, let’s begin the year with a closet organization that will give us a clean slate right out of the gate. Having an organized closet will simplify the process of getting dressed every morning, eliminate stress and increase efficiency in your morning routine. It’s about time getting ready every morning stopped feeling like a chore and started feeling more like a five star experience. Personally, my closet is my sanctuary. It’s my own little space in the home which I can call my own and decorate/design however I want. Then, fill it with all my favorite clothing pieces, brand new, or that I have collected over time. After all, when your clothes are organized beautifully and everything is handled with care, you will have no problem deciding what to wear! So, here are some closet organization ideas to help get your new year off to a great start!

The Purge

Recycle clothes concept. Young woman with recycling box full clothes.

Downsizing your wardrobe is the most imperative step when organizing your closet. Getting rid of the “stuff” you no longer wear will also help you feel lighter and reinvigorated. The rule of thumb here is: if you haven’t worn a particular garment in six months or longer, then it’s got to go! Also, if it no longer fits, it’s a goner too. No matter if you have intentions of it fitting in a few months. The goal here is to keep what you are going to wear now. Empty your closet of its contents and divide into piles of three: Keep, Donate, Recycle. Be real with yourself on this step and think that you’re just trying to make room for all the new! Another good mindset is to envision someone that you are giving the item to, that will help make it easier to give it away when it’s something you feel good about.

Categorize & Organize by Color

There are a few schools of thought in terms of how you can categorize your closet and that’s determined by what works best for you. Are you a seasonal person? If so, invest in plastic storage containers where you can keep items that are not in season at the moment. Then, store them in your garage or under a guest bed. Or, you can hang them in a separate closet, if you have the room, or an armoire. Others may categorize their closet by occasion (formal v. informal) or by garment type depending on how they get dressed. Finally, organize your closet by color so everything looks really uniform and you can see what you’ve got. 

Invest in Organizational Essentials

Wooden hangers lined up in a closet

Invest in quality hangers like the velvet non-slip kind and toss any old wire ones that you got at the cleaners. These hangers also optimize your closet space as they are thin and narrow which means you can fit more clothes into your space. Try and keep your entire wardrobe uniform which means ensure all your hangers match. Keep knits folded, either on shelves with dividers, or in drawers. If you have the space, shoes should be stacked on shelves one heel facing in, the other facing out. Otherwise, you can get creative and install shelving units on a wall, building/purchasing shoe racks or an over the door shoe rack. S-hooks are a great way to hang jeans and lucite boxes clearly display your accessories. Make sure all of your items are within reach so all your pieces are accessible because if you can’t get to them, you aren’t going to wear them.

Free Standing Garment Rack or Display

Interior of stylish bedroom with clothes rack

A free standing garment rack is a great idea whether you have a tiny closet, huge closet or no closet at all. I have seen women with decent sized closets use them as a way to lay out their latest seasonal capsule wardrobe as means for inspiration. Instead of their new outfits sitting in their closets behind closed doors, they display them stylishly on their garment racks where they can see them. A very wise character, Carrie Bradshaw, once said, “I like my money right where I can see it; hanging in my closet.” (Or in this case garment rack). They are a great tool to help visualize how to style an outfit. Garment racks will help keep your area neater when they are out in the open too instead of in heaps in your closet. Finally, a garment rack is another way you can categorize your closet by storing your seasonal outfits on it.

Stylize Your Closet Space

Stylish closet space with antique gold full length mirror and pink velvet plush sitting stool

Once you have all the above complete, create a space that’s uniquely your own or personalize it so it’s special to you. If you have the room, add a footstool, a printed area rug, artwork, or a mirror or wall decoration. You could also designate a wall for hanging your hats, hooks for purses, or design a jewelry wall display. The idea is to make your space feel like your own boutique that you get to shop every day! So, once you organize your closet, transform it into the closet of your dreams!


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Bailey Stuvland

Bailey Stuvland is a California girl who loves talking about all things fashion. With more than ten years of styling experience for personal clients and with brands like Stitch Fix, she enjoys helping others find what they love to wear. Her mission is to help people not only look good on the outside, but feel good on the inside by having fun with outfits, accessories and beauty. You can find her blog at .

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