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Be Prepared: Work from Home Essentials for a 2021 Refresh

Be Prepared: Work from Home Essentials for a 2021 Refresh
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By Bailey Stuvland, The Bailey Daily

It’s never too early to hit the reset button. The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to do just that! So, while we explore all the possibilities for new beginnings this year, let’s start with a 2021 refresh that starts in the home. Here you will discover new essentials, tools and helpful solutions that will enhance your work from home lifestyle. The goal? To love where you live.


Modern oil aroma diffuser in the living room on the table with burning candles . The concept of refreshing and purifying the air in the house. A work from home essential fragrance.

Our homes are going to be our sanctuaries for awhile. So, let’s turn them into peaceful spaces that bring us joy and comfort. I recommend using aromatherapy in any form. Room spray, candles, incense, oil diffusers and the like are all wonderful for adding mood lifting fragrance to your home. Feel free to experiment with different scents depending on your mood. A citrus for when you need to energize for work or lavender for right before bed. 

Stylish interior of room with green houseplants and workplace. A work from home essential office space.

Next, let’s turn our spaces into beautiful areas that bring us peace and joy with the new essentials. Especially your workspace where you will be spending the majority of your time each day. You may want to consider redecorating or doing a few minor edits first. You could buy a new lamp, get a unique new rug for texture or hang a new art piece. These minor updates will make a big difference on the way it will make you feel. This “new” and improved workspace will make you feel happy!


3D render illustration, sport fitness equipment, female concept, yoga mat, bottle of water, dumbbells, weights. A work from home essential routine.

Exercise is another major component to upkeep your physical and mental health, so having work out equipment handy is beneficial. Make sure to take breaks during your workday or carve out dedicated time to fit a workout in each day. You’ll need athletic wear like a sports bra, leggings and athletic shoes are the essentials to put on your body. Gear is a work from home essential too, such as medicine balls, a yoga mat and dumbbells; are great options to start and perfect for online workouts. And don’t forget recovery days – foam rollers, stretching bands and ice packs are also just as crucial. Also, stay hydrated! Keep a large 48oz refillable water bottle at your desk and try to drink two of those per day. After all, water does a body good!


Set of cosmetics for personal hygiene on table. A work from home essential routine.

Ease your mind and unwind each day by indulging in some of the most luxurious beauty & wellness treatments. Take a bath, light a candle, journal or just take some time each day to do something nice for yourself. You could start a new skincare regime and invest in four of the essential skincare products. A cleanser, toner, serum and lotion. This is something I do each year, re-evaluate the needs of my skin and start a new skincare system. This always makes me feel revived. By trying something new, I look forward to having a self-care routine every morning and night. Especially when it’s a new overnight face cream that smells like a spa). I would also recommend a sheet mask or a deep clay mud mask. They are great while taking a long hot bath on self-care Sundays. Or, whenever you feel like taking a bath these days. Try to fit in a daily self-care treatment or act as part of your 2021 refresh.


Composition with fluffy slippers and robe on white background, flat lay. Comfortable work from home essential outfit

Now when I say fashion, I mean that in the most comfortable, practical sense of the word. I’m talking about bathrobes, loungewear, T-shirts, sweats, slippers, and so on. That includes all articles of clothing you can live in comfortably, at home. While still maintaining some level of respect for yourself, and the people you live with. I have found this an opportune time to invest in elevated basics and to expand on my loungewear pieces. Plus, there are some really cute pieces out there right now. Retailers are also catering to the needs of their new work from home clientele. Take this as your chance to do the same and get some cute new loungewear pieces. It will make getting ready in the morning a little more fun. Plus, it will give you something to look forward to! 


baking cake ingredients (eggs, flour, sugar, butter and milk) on white table, top view. baking is fun when you work from home.

Finally, it’s essential that you carve out time to have a little fun at the end of each day! So, pick something that you love to do. Whether that’s cooking up your favorite dish or baking something sweet for your family to enjoy. A fun way to update your home kitchen is by investing in some fun new gadgets and kitchen tools. They may speed up the process or make cooking a little bit easier. Or, get creative and buy a new cookbook. Try a challenging recipe that will put those chef skills to the test. Add truffles to your menu or an exotic ingredient that you may never have tried before. It’s an activity the whole family can enjoy and reap the benefits of! 



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