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Be sporty: what to pack for your next LOCAL ski trip

Be sporty: what to pack for your next LOCAL ski trip
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By Bailey Stuvland, The Bailey Daily

Many ski resorts are offering a socially distanced ski experience this winter. So, if you and your family or friends are planning on a trip to the mountains, here’s a packing list of the essentials you will need to bring with you on your next ski trip so you can enjoy the outdoors!


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Base layers are super important to bring when packing for your ski trip. They trap your body heat and use it as insulation while you’re bearing freezing temps. Long underwear are really good at keeping your body warm, so you won’t necessarily need any additional layers other than your ski jacket. However; if you feel you need a mid-layer, try a lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking hoodie or a really thin fleece or quilted vest.

Ski Pants and Ski Jacket

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Bring waterproof ski pants that will keep you warm and dry on the mountain after a full day of skiing. If you’re into fashion trends opt for a slimmer cut ski trouser, which looks more like leggings for a more feminine vibe. Otherwise, baggy snowboarding pants or coveralls are always safe, sporty and weather-appropriate. The jacket that you choose is equally going to play a vital role in your comfort level on the mountain. There are many different types of ski jackets, but once you determine the type of conditions you’ll be facing, you’ll likely be able to decide on a jacket that suits you. Also, make sure you choose one that is water and windproof. A ski jacket and pants are a high priority on the ski trip packing list.


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Goggles get their own category because they are a hot ticket item. As of late, they have also quickly become the latest on trend fashion accessory to sport on the slopes. So now there’s an even wider variety to choose from and all the latest technology. Interchangeable lenses are quickly gaining popularity, although at a much higher price point than its single-lens counterparts. They are super convenient especially because weather conditions are always changing and you can adjust based on your needs that day. Plus, rain or shine goggles are a great way to keep any additional glare or precipitation out of your eyes while you’re shredding the mountain. So, make sure you pick yourself up a stylish pair.

Ski Socks

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Ski socks may be one of the most critical items you can bring with you. Even though it may seem like something you can just throw in at the last minute like a pair of tube socks already own, be selective with your ski socks. Ski boots are not comfortable and the absolute worst feeling is sore, tired, cold or numb feet all because you didn’t pack the right socks. The best ski socks are made with merino wool as it’s the warmest, softest and most durable sock on the market. So, pack a decent pair of legitimate, high performance ski socks.

Winter Accessories

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No snow vacation is complete without the essentials like gloves, a beanie, and a neck warmer. So, it’s crucial to pack them along with the rest of your gear in your ski bag. If you get cold easily, I would suggest mittens as each finger keeps the others warm. Hand warmers/heat packs are also great to keep on hand in case the temps get really cold. You can just shove them into your gloves, mittens, socks or store them in your pockets for when desperate times call for desperate measures. Beanies are another way to keep your head and your ears warm and toasty. Balaclavas, or neck warmers, are another great base layer that will keep your neck and face warm. It also doubles as a face mask for COVID, so it’s dual-purpose.


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Speaking of accessories, bring a backpack along to carry all of your miscellaneous products. I would suggest a number of items that you will want to bring along with you just in case. Sunblock is a must as you will be at high elevation, which when exposed to sunlight, you can burn quickly and easily. Find out how to choose the right SPF to use here. Lip balm with SPF is also important as your lips are rarely covered and can get chapped very easily. A reusable water bottle is a must because you’ve got to stay hydrated and you can keep refilling it throughout the day. Also, your headphones will keep you entertained while you shred and your smartphone will document your day. I mean, if there are no pictures, did it even really happen?

Snow Boots

Snow boots in the snow. Used after skiing.

Your after ski boots will also be handy to have either in a ski locker or in the trunk of your car when you’re ready to change out of your ski gear. Ideally, your snow boots are the ones that are waterproof, fleece or fur lined that have bottom grips for the snow. That way you can stash your ski boots and walk back to the resort where you can après-ski after a long day!


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