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Beautiful Wreath Ideas for Every Season

Beautiful Wreath Ideas for Every Season

Wreaths are a beautiful way really show your personal decor taste. They were originally made to celebrate the cycles of nature and life, and for the holidays specifically, has a much deeper meaning in celebrating Christmas.  

Over time, hanging wreaths on doors has gone far beyond the holidays. Now you can see the front door decor in every season to celebrate special occasions throughout the year. Whether you like to DIY your own or buy one ready to go, there are tons of ideas and inspiration out there.  

Wreaths can be made from a variety of materials including evergreens, flowers, pinecones, pumpkins, holiday ornaments and even fresh fruit and vegetables. Kids can get involved in making one made out of coffee filters or craft paper. Read on for some awesome ideas on wreaths for every season that’ll inspire you to hang one up!  


Winter wreaths are beautiful when darker, bold colors like plum and red are able to contrast with white snow in areas that get that cold. If you live in a part of the country that doesn’t get snow, colors like icey purple and frost blue can definitely give off that winter vibe.  

For the holidays, try a moss base with fresh cranberries sprinkled in for a classic wreath. Evergreen with gold ornaments are also very pretty and can be showcased all through New Years Eve. For a kid-friendly version, yarn balls of all sizes in shades of purple, teal and white can be a fun DIY project 

For a wreath showcasing Valentine’s Day, try a DIY paint chip roses wreath. Use sample paint chips of all shades of pink, peach and red with some red cut-out hearts for a beautiful project. It’s a fun one for kids to celebrate the month of love.  


Spring is all about flowers starting to bloom, leaves starting to fill the trees and a start of a new season. Want to get the kids involved? Try one using cupcake liners and basic craft supplies to make one all your own, let the creativity take over!  

A flower wreath is a no-brainer for the spring. Take your favorite blooms in all sizes and adorn with big leaves. Dogwoods bloom in early spring and they are beautiful as a base for a spring wreath. Set the scene with a grapevine wreath, dogwood branches and faux birds. 

Don’t forget the spring holidays! For Easter, take some shrubs and bendable branches, add some greenery and decorate with plastic easter eggs, ribbons, a small bunny or whatever else you have on hand. Big Mardi Gras fan? Grab some gold and purple holiday ornaments, peacock feathers and beads to make a festive and colorful wreath. 


Summertime brings all sorts of beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables. The essence of warmer weather, relaxed days and outdoor time is solid inspiration for a great summer wreath. Let’s not forget the holidays like the 4th of July! 

A summer flower wreath is an easy one to make or buy. Pick faux or real flowers at the farmer’s market or your local craft store of all sizes and blooms to make a one-of-a-kind wreath. The options are endless and you can really design one to fit your own style. 

For a quick patriotic wreath that’s great for getting the kids involved, try a star wreath. Simply cut out paper stars from red, white and blue cardstock and glue them on a wooden hoop.  

Using fresh fruit and vegetables are also a fun way to celebrate the summer season. You can also use faux produce to replicate the idea for a much more low-maintenance decor piece. A wreath to look like an edible garden would be so beautiful. 


Fall brings on colder weather, but also beautiful shades of yellow, orange and brown. Falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween are all worth celebrating.  

Using typical fall foods like acorns and pumpkins are good wreath ideas that can transition all the way from fall to winter. Pinecones, burlap, wheat and fall foliage set the tone for the season. A simple wreath made out of tiny faux pumpkins would be a cute way to welcome visitors in autumn.  

For Halloween, try a googly-eyed wreath. Using just ping pong balls and googly-eyes, use a hot glue gun to attach them to a wreath form for a slightly spooky, but so cute door hanging, especially for trick-or-treaters.  

All Seasons

Want a wreath that’s great for all seasons, every day, no matter the weather or what’s in bloom or in season? Try a magnolia wreath. It’s simple, doesn’t require any maintenance and can be hung outside or even in your living room as an elegant accent display that adds greenery to your home.  

Want a little more? A eucalyptus, berries and citrus wreath will work all year long. It’s a simple wreath with a pop of color that can transition through all seasons.  

No matter what your personal style is, there is a wreath out there that you’ll love. Whether DIY or store-bought, it’s a great way to decorate your door in an inviting, festive and seasonal way.  

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