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Behind the Brand: What Makes Hunter Boots Iconic

Behind the Brand: What Makes Hunter Boots Iconic

The Hunter Boot company was founded over 160 years ago, renowned for its Wellington boots during WWI, and has since become an iconic brand across the globe. Appearing everywhere from the feet of farmers to concert-goers at muddy music festivals, to the covers of chic magazines, Hunter boots are known for both functionality and fashion. And while not scientifically proven, wearing a stylish, sturdy pair of Hunter boots can help you feel like you can take on whatever the world brings you (might be part of the Hunter Boot brand’s popularity and enduring appeal). Learn more about the brand you already love.

The Origin of Hunter Boot COMPANY

American entrepreneur Henry Lee Norris and his partner Spencer Thomas Parmale formed Hunter Boot Limited in 1856. The two men moved to Scotland to produce shoes and boots after rubber became a popular alternative to leather. In World War I, Hunter manufactured waterproof boots that could be worn by British and Commonwealth troops in flooded trenches. The boots were so well received that the Hunter production mills stayed open 24 hours a day to keep up with the demand. Hunter also supplied the military with boots during World War II.

Function and Fashion

After the wars, Hunter Boots became popular with farmers and other country folk for their reliability and sturdiness. Photographers snapped Princess Diana wearing the company’s rubber Original Wellington boots, and this was a turning point that took Hunter from a functional brand to a fashionable one. Since then, celebrities such as Kate Moss, Rihanna, Tina Fey and Meghan Markle have been spotted wearing the company’s boots. Hunter has also expanded to produce outerwear, bags and other accessories. 

Mission Driven

The current CEO of Hunter Boot is Paolo Porta, who took the role in 2020. The company’s head office is located in Queensferry, UK, and there are also offices in London, New York and Düsseldorf. Hunter committed to innovation at its founding, and continues to demonstrate that in its products and mission. What I love most about Hunter Boot is its commitment to being a leader in the preservation of the global ecosystem. The company’s environmental pledges include using recycled textiles, creating recyclable packaging, offsetting their direct carbon emissions, and sourcing the majority of their rubber from FSC certified forests.

Built for the downpour

When originally created back in the mid-1800s, the classic rubber Wellington was the only style of boot Hunter made, crafted by hand from 28 parts. Today, Hunter’s Original Wellington rain boots are still handcrafted from natural rubber with 28 parts and waterproof from top to toe.

Today, Hunter offers boots for women, men and kids alike. The styles range from tall rain boots, short rain boots, insulated snow boots, roll-top Sherpa boots, the Chelsea (ankle height), and even the gloss mid-heel. Yes, you read that right: You can even get the trademark Hunter quality and style in a chic heel. The Huntress version of boot provides a larger calf circumference and roomier fit. Want more flexibility? Look for boots with an adjustable back.

Pro sizing tip: Hunter boots come in whole sizes only, and Hunter recommends sizing down if you are normally a half size. 

How To Clean Your Hunter Boots

Are your Hunter boots looking tired or covered in a white, powdery film? Check out Hunter’s video below on how to clean and shine your Wellington rain boots (yes, you can shine rubber!).

Hunter Tall Adjustable Boot
Hunter Chelsea Rain Boot

Wellies are the Signature, But There’s More to Hunter

The classic Wellington or “Wellies” – the calf-high boot – is the company’s signature style you probably know, but wearers love Hunter Boots for its number of boot styles, outdoor gear and accessories. Wellingtons are the original Hunter rain boot, most recognizable in a hunter green color. The fashion-forward Hunter always surprises shoppers with new colors and styles, and even produces boots to commemorate special occasions.

Fun Facts about Hunter Boots

  • ​Hunter Boots received two Royal Warrants of Appointment. These warrants are an award for those who provide a product to a royal household for more than five years. Hunter received an appointment from both Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh.
  • The style “Wellington” got its name from the Duke of Wellington.
  • The green color of boot was thought to be more “high class” than the black.
  • It used to be Europe, but now the US is top buying market for Hunter.
  • Hunter has a recycling program called Hunter Reboot, where you can send your used boots back to the company to be repurposed.

If you are looking for versatile, waterproof boots that gives you great value, Hunter rain boots are a fantastic choice. You can send the kids outside for games on a rainy day and not worry about them getting their feet soaked. If you need to slip on something to run an errand, they’re perfect.

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