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Best Bras: The Six Types of Bras Every Woman Should Own

Best Bras: The Six Types of Bras Every Woman Should Own
Hangers with beautiful lace bras on rack against pink background. Stylish underwear

By Bailey Stuvland, The Bailey Daily

I cannot tell you why I have such a love/hate relationship with the over-the-shoulder boulder holder. Because if you were to look in my brazier drawers my collection would say otherwise. I love them because they are pretty and feminine; however I struggle to find the right fit. Every time. Perhaps, I am always on the hunt to find the “perfect bra” (if that one bra really exists). Also, with all the advancements , I keep believing that someday there will be such a thing as the perfect bra. One that I want to be the first to get my hands on. For now, let’s explore the six types of bras that every woman should own. Our perfect bra could be waiting in one of these categories.


light pink t-shirt bra

The classic T-shirt bra is probably the most loved of the bunch. They are so versatile and provide the most comfort. T-shirt bras are great as they are mostly seamless so you can wear them under your clothing without being detected. They get their name because you can wear them comfortably under form fitting tops and T-shirts. They are mostly lightweight by design which makes them perfect for everyday wear. I think most women would agree that this is by far the most universally flattering type. A woman’s favorite everyday bra. So, be sure to snag a couple of these bras, in a couple different neutral colors. Colors that will be the most subtle under lighter colored shirts. With their wide ranging styles, from demi, full coverage, and wireless, this bra will have you covered!


Black bra. Isolate on white background

Plunging silhouettes are great to wear with deep v-necklines and lower cut tops. These styles also lift the girls up by the way the cups are angled. Some even include removable padding in case you need a little extra enhancement. Others come with convertible straps so you can wear them with anything. Like criss cross backs, one shoulder pieces and even strapless styles. The plunging bra is also known for being a light to medium coverage bra. So, keep that in mind if you prefer more full coverage styles. I think you have one question left to ask yourself, are you ready to take the plunge?

Lace Balconette

Woman choosing lingerie. Drawers filled with lace bras.

Every woman needs a glamorous balconette bra, preferably in lace, in their collection. They are beautiful, demure, and will make you feel lovely each time you wear it. Balconette, or balcony, bras get their name from the word balcony. Meaning upward lift, horizontal or shelf. Not only are they great at providing a little lift but if you want to add fullness too. Plus they come with an option for removable padding to give them an extra boost. These bras are so cute in lace too which give them a vintage aesthetic. So, take a bow in your beautiful balconette bra!


black sports bra

Sports bras are made for exercising and there are also so many varieties to choose from. It also depends on the intensity of exercise you are engaging in for what level of support you will need. From full support bras for more rigorous activities like running to low impact bras for activities like practicing yoga. They are meant to fit a little on the tighter side. So, make sure it fits well and that you can breathe easily, not too tight. I would also choose a fabric that is moisture wicking. So, if you get sweaty, your bra is not sticking to you. And, you’re off to workout, Sporty Spice!

Strapless or Bandeau

classic bra. underwear fashion.a set of strapless bra on wooden background. Black and beige nude bra. Healthy life of woman and girls

Strapless bras and bandeaus come without (gasp) straps, making them an incredibly versatile option. Normally, bandeaus are the most popular in warmer months when worn with strapless dresses and tops. Larger busted women in the days of yore may have griped that strapless bras were not made for them. They were uncomfortable, would slide down constantly, and never fit quite right. Anyone remember the dreaded sausage style? However, with the right brand, amount of support, fabric, fit and under-wire, strapless bras have come a long way. Proving they are here to stay…strapless all the way!


lounge bras in neutral colors

Last but not least, one of my favorites, the lounge bra. I love these bras as they are so COVID friendly and have gained a lot of popularity as of late. Well, because, obviously they’re so perfect to wear while lounging out around home. Lounge bras come in so many styles, colors, and materials. Fair warning thought, they come with little to no support as they are meant for staying inside. Being comfortable. Maybe to go outside and get the mail without scaring the neighbors. I like some of the long line crop styles that can be worn with high waisted sweat or lounge pants. They are so comfortable but you will never want to take them off. And oftentimes you do not have to as they’re perfect for sleeping in as well! So, lounge on, lounger!

Even if we look forward to taking our bras off each day, we can’t deny that they give us support. Finding the right bra size and fit is very important. So next time you are in the department store, ensure you are properly fit by a knowledgeable salesperson. Wearing a bra that fits and feels good may even make you want to wear it longer. Who knows? I also feel having a nice bra and underwear set is another way of practicing self-care and loving your body. To love the skin that you are in and to be able to create a great foundation for your outfit? Now, that sounds like the recipe for success! For more amazing bras including the styles discussed above, shop here. BRA-vo!

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