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Best Ideas for Fun Arts & Crafts for Kids During Pandemic

Best Ideas for Fun Arts & Crafts for Kids During Pandemic

I know it can be stressful to keep coming up with new arts and craft ideas, but I have you covered. My kids get bored when we do the same crafts over and over, too, so I really had to get creative in thinking of new ideas to keep them occupied. Read along as I give you a list of easy, fun – and most importantly – quick craft ideas for kids to try during the pandemic. I know these will be a hit with your kiddos!  

Painted Seashells 

My kids love collecting rocks, sticks, seashells and anything else you can think of. Over time, they have collected an estimated 10 pounds of seashells or more, so I thought, “Why not paint them and then use them as decorations around our home?” They had so many seashells that this activity went on for weeks! If you don’t have seashells, rocks or pebbles can do the trick, too. I love that we’re able to collect items on our adventures that we can use later for crafting.  

Items Needed: 

  • Seashells 
  • Washable paint 
  • Paint brushes 
  • Disposable table cover 

Step 1: Wash sand off seashells and let them dry before painting.  

Step 2: Apply washable paint with brushes. We painted the seashells Thanksgiving colors for this craft (orange, yellow, brown, red).  

Final Step: Display in a glass or plastic container in the play area or place strategically around the house.  

Shipping Box Creations

The last several months we have had some boxes that we have given to the kids to play with. I “kid” you not – the kids played with them for a good solid 20 minutes! My oldest daughter turned an old box into a spaceship, a boat and then finally transformed it into a fort. Sometimes, it’s good to let them be creative for once and get those imagination juices flowing. 

Items Needed: 

  • Empty boxes (in assorted sizes) 
  • Construction paper 
  • Foam or regular stickers 
  • Washable crayons and markers 
  • Packing tape 
  • Kid-friendly scissors 

Step 1: Leave empty boxes with kids to play with and ask them to think about what they want to turn them into. I found this technique helped, rather than simply, say, telling them to make a spaceship. This activity is a really great way to get your kid’s creative juices flowing and by being ambiguous or mysterious, it plays into their imagination a bit (e.g., ask them, “What does the box want to become?”) 

Step 2: After 10 minutes of letting them play, ask them if they have thought of anything creative to turn the Amazon or other boxes into. If they’re unable to think of something specific (which is totally acceptable) give them the construction paper, foam stickers, washable crayons and markers and let them decorate the boxes as they please, just for fun. 

Final Step: Let them do the decorations themselves and you will see the creativity begin to spark. Save the boxes for another day after they are done playing with them. My kids have been playing with their spaceship for weeks! 

Chalk Art + Window Chalk Creations 

Chalk has become one of the most essential products in our home. It’s the easiest and most likely the least expensive product you can buy to keep your kids entertained. We love positive quotes such as “Be Kind”, “You can change the world” and “You can do it” to name a few, so we love writing out these quotes on our sidewalk in the front of our home. We do it so often that it has inspired our neighbors to do their own. We leave positive comments on each other’s sidewalk areas. I found some window chalk which works perfectly if the weather is not good for regular sidewalk chalk. The window chalk is washable and comes off easily. The kids loved drawing on the windows as an option whenever they couldn’t go outside.  

Items Needed: 

  • Sidewalk chalk 
  • Window chalk 
  • Stencils  

Step 1: Chalk your heart out! I love letting the kids drive this craft themselves as well. It allows them to think creatively rather than forcing me to direct them on what to draw and write. I secretly love chalk, too, so I jump into the art project, creating my own ideas which makes the kids so happy! 

Final Step: Engaging your neighbors with hop scotch is always fun, or writing thoughtful questions is a key way to get to know your neighbors while still abiding by county guidelines to stay socially distant.  

Decorate Your Face Mask

Face masks are here to stay for some time, so why not have some fun decorating your plain boring masks! I purchased a set of 5 plain white kid’s masks for my 4-year old, and we had a blast decorating them. We used washable paint so every week we could make a new design! 

Items Needed: 

  • Plain white (or blue) masks 
  • Washable paint 
  • Iron-ons (make sure an adult manages applying the iron-ons once they’ve been chosen and cut/shaped)  

Step 1: Allow your kids to decorate their masks with washable paint as they please. Let dry. 

Step 2: If you use Iron-ons I recommend placing them on the sides of the masks. I would use smaller or trimmed iron-ons, as well.  

Step 3: My kids and I love matching, so I made sure to decorate my plain white masks along with them. On our next outing, we loved wearing them together and reminiscing about making them.  

Final Step: Use a new mask every day and take photos. These times will go down in history, so make sure you take pictures for keepsake memories.  

I know times are tough for you right now, and I hope that these arts and craft ideas help keep your kids entertained and they make some wonderful creations that you can reflect on after this year passes.  
Remember, this year is going to go down in history. Give yourself grace and take it day by day. Take a break and let your child(ren) get their creative juices flowing with the crafts mentioned above. Check out Zulily’s amazing deals on games and toys for other ideas to keep the kids busy during the pandemic. You’re doing great, mamas! 

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