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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Moms She’ll Love

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Moms She’ll Love

Every year on Valentine’s Day couples hope and pray to get the whole day right. The perfect gift. The perfect date. A perfect kiss. All to commemorate the love you share. If you’re stuck smack dab in the middle of parenthood, however, sometimes the romantic moments you once frequently shared get overshadowed by more mundane stuff like diaper changes, soccer practice, and taking your kid’s lunch to school after it was forgotten.

It’s not that parenthood is not an intimate and passionate experience, but (let’s be honest) romance becomes more complicated when you have kids, so you have to be more creative. Whether you’re a mother or her loving partner reading this, here are the best Valentine’s Day gifts for moms, sure to fire the romance back up. (Note to moms: you might want to share this post with someone you love.)

Tips for Finding The Perfect Gift

You want Valentine’s Day to be special for everyone, to reignite the amorous spark that often gets snuffed out when you have to attend to mom and dad duties. But if you want to choose the right gift, you first have to do a little bit of planning and information gathering.

Here are four tips for getting the information you need to give a thoughtful gift this year. Many women will give you clues if you stop to listen and notice.

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1. Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute

Seriously, plan ahead! Take the time to figure out what might be meaningful and on point for a gift this year. Mark your calendar for January 15 if you need a reminder.

2. Take Notice of Her Interests

Is there a hobby she is into? Does she often comment on an activity, sport or hobby her friend is trying that she would also like to try?

3. Listen to Her Needs

Tune in when she talks about what might be overwhelming her physically and emotionally, and what would make her feel happier and more relaxed. Ask questions and probe deeply when she mentions things that she is seeking and desiring.

4. Does She Like to Be Surprised?

Is she the kind of woman who wants to be fully surprised by a gift or does she want to have a say in your choice? Take this into account when you are planning your gift giving.

Silver Bracelet with Infinity Love You
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Pink Lace Lingerie

Valentine’s Gifts for Different Types of Moms

When looking for best Valentine’s Day gifts for wives or girlfriends who are moms, start by thinking about their personalities and what feels romantic or meaningful. Every woman is different and so is her style and notion of romance.

The Throwback Gift

Does she love photos from the past and talking about your favorite memories from your early days? Is she always documenting moments with the kids? Does she love covering your refrigerator with the cutest commemorative pictures? If she is a “throwback queen” and also likes to take photos, help her capture the moments with a retro-style film camera. Not only are the print-out pictures perfect for decorating the fridge, but the camera looks cute too! Bonus points if you also grab a ring light and her favorite bronzer to make the pictures look perfect.

The Sentimental Gift

If your wife or girlfriend loves mementos that mark a special moment in motherhood, sentimental gifts are some of the best ones for moms on Valentine’s Day. Think about a special date, occasion, place or person to honor. Personalized jewelry is a terrific gift idea. You can have your child’s name or birthdays inscribed on the piece, or choose a gemstone that marks your anniversary, child’s birthdate, or other special occasion. You get “bonus points” if you add a handwritten card or letter describing why a particular day or occasion made you fall even more in love with her.

The Sexy Gift

Want to put a little spice into this Valentine’s Day with a sexy gift for your wife or partner? First make sure she is ready for seduction and make it pressure-free and fun. If you know she’s ready for a gift that only the two of you can see, this year is great for some sexy but playful gifts like erotic dice and board games.

If you’re buying her lingerie, find the color that brings out her eyes best. You might add in a personal massager that you can use solo or together. Finally, you can go the traditional Valentine’s Day route, and give her roses and her favorite candy (and that may not necessarily be a box of chocolates).

The Experience Gift

Do you and your partner love making new memories? Here is a chance to give mom a break from the kids and connect over something fun you enjoy doing together. If you like to keep it fresh, try an escape room, laser tag, trampolining, roller skating, bar with role-playing games, or other activity you’ve never done before. Do the heavy lifting and arrange the babysitter and any other details. If you want to have an experience at home, you can arrange a virtual wine tasting, a game night (Scrabble!), a guided painting night, or a get a telescope for stargazing.

Focus On Connection and Love

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gift ideas, most moms don’t need something perfect. They will fully appreciate anything that is thoughtful and unique. This is why you shouldn’t skip the step of listening and watching to see what her interests and desires are this year. Make it a memorable Valentine’s Day by focusing on the connection with your partner and remind her that even in the midst of chaos and parenting, your love is a top priority.

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