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Boots! The Top Trending Styles to Add to Your Christmas Wish List

Boots! The Top Trending Styles to Add to Your Christmas Wish List
Boots in the rain

By Bailey Stuvland, The Bailey Daily

The holidays are just around the corner, which means many of us have already started jotting down what we would like to give or receive this Christmas. A new sweater, loungewear, possibly a pair of boots? Boots, as per usual, are trending in a major way. So, if you are thinking of adding them to your wish list, these are the trending styles to lookout for this winter.

Hiking Boots

Hiking boots

Hiking boots have taken the internet by storm. Social media and influencers everywhere have made this once wildly unfashionable shoe popular. It has now become the most wanted item on Christmas wish lists this year. They are the “must-have” shoe of the season, quite possibly the year. Don’t believe me? They even made their way to the prestigious “Oprah’s Favorite Things” list for 2020 under the “Stylish Gems” category. Functionally, hiking boots are a great shoe, so it is nice to see this fashion meets function hybrid. They typically have a thicker tread sole, sturdy lace up front, ankle style, with a comfortable inner footbed. As the name might suggest, these boots are made for hiking. Yet, are climbing their way up the fashion charts for just wearing them on the street. You won’t be disappointed when you take a “hike” over here where you will find all the latest styles.

Combat Boots

woman in skirt wearing combat boots

I am such a sucker for an edgy, fiercely chic combat boot. They basically say, “I’m tough and I’ve got this.” I love combat boots because they style well with mostly anything. Especially, leggings (or jeans) and basic top as they add a little kick to the outfit. To add a funky vibe, you can wear them with dresses and skirts. All combat boots are different and come with all sorts of unique details, studs, thick soles, zippers, and lace ups. So, you get to decide which style works for you. One of the best known brands in this style are the OG classics, the Doc Marten boot. The best part? Those Docs that you have had since eighth grade keep coming back in style. So aren’t you glad you’ve held onto them? They can even be passed on to friends and kids! There are so many more new combat boot styles to try which you can shop here. Maybe grab one for a friend or your mom too! Let’s “combat” those Christmas shopping lists together, ladies!

Lug Sole Boots

Pair of red autumn boots, isolated on white background

These punk rock, goth, chunky, platform style boots are not for the fainthearted. They are bold, tough, and badass. Basically, they are cool, and trending big time in 2020. The Chelsea style is the most common style of lug boot. It is a good choice to start with if you are interested in trying this boot out. As you break them in, you will find how easy they are to style. They will go with all the basics in your winter wardrobe, like leggings and tunics for example. If you like to try the feminine with an edge vibe, you can pair them with dresses and skirts. They are also great for “lugging” all those Christmas gifts home!     

UGG Boots

Pair of winter ugg shoes and stack of knitted clothes on wooden table blurred background. Winter fashion concept.

UGGS are great because they are ever popular year after year. This year’s most popular style is their mini UGG bootie which is adorable. It is an ankle style bootie that is perfect for both indoor or outdoor activities. Meaning it can double as a slipper or shoe depending. They look cute all year round too with sweats or even a summer frock. Uggs are classics and so cozy which is perfect for this time of year. So, definitely add any version of these puppies to your Christmas wish list. You won’t be saying “bah humbUGG” to these!

Lace-Up Shearling Boots

Winter female boots with fur over white . With clipping path

This style is the cross between an UGG and a combat boot, so it’s both fashionable and functional. They have a cozy shearling or fur lining down the front along with a lace up tie. Most are ankle style and have a sturdier or slightly heeled sole. Lace-up shearling boots were a huge hit last year and still remain  a major selling boot category this year. It must be because they are cute, they look great with anything, and give you that rustic, winter, classic look. They are “shear-ling” fantastic!

Rain Boots

orange rain boots

Rain boots are making a comeback and have been redesigned into all kinds of new, fun styles. They are no longer your typical tall, black, plain, rubber boots anymore. Rain boots now come in many water resistant styles that have been mentioned above including lace up, lug soled and with fur details. These new stylish rain boots are now wearable for other things than just splashing around in puddles. Although, these new styles will definitely make a splash!

There are so many great boot options these days, that the hardest part becomes deciding which one to choose. Start with one and you can always expand from there. As always, I wanted to keep you in the know of the top trends. As you begin to write those Christmas lists, for yourself or your teenage daughter, make sure boots top the list. Then, let’s put our best foot forward and strut into the next year in style! How aBOOT that?!

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Bailey Stuvland

Bailey Stuvland is a California girl who loves talking about all things fashion. With more than ten years of styling experience for personal clients and with brands like Stitch Fix, she enjoys helping others find what they love to wear. Her mission is to help people not only look good on the outside, but feel good on the inside by having fun with outfits, accessories and beauty. You can find her blog at .

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