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Breakfast Pizza Ideas You and Your Kids Will Love

Breakfast Pizza Ideas You and Your Kids Will Love

Breakfast pizza is a clever and delicious way to get kids of all ages to eat a nutritious meal. You might like it so much that you’ll start to make it all day, not just in the mornings! Try these tips and breakfast pizza recipes that you and your kids will love. 

Pizza and breakfast are likely two of your kid’s favorite food groups! So, breakfast pizza is way to combine the two much-loved categories while also providing a tasty and satisfying start to your day. Breakfast pizza takes the conventional idea of Italian-born pizza to a while new level  a treat your whole family will get excited about. Pizza can be a vessel for your favorite breakfast ingredients, showing just how delicious and versatile breakfast pizza can be. 


The foundation

Every great pizza begins with a foundation, which is the pizza crust. Typically, pizza dough is made from flour and yeast though many clever home cooks are upping the pizza game with crusts made of everything from cauliflower to chicken.  

In the case of a breakfast pizza, you can use the convention crust or even take a shortcut by using a can of pre-prepared biscuit dough. Want some other breakfast pizza crust options? Try forming hash browned potatoes into a crispy crust or, for individual breakfast pizzas, using toasted English muffins. 


Switch up the sauce

Classic red sauce works great with many breakfast pizza flavor profiles, but there are other options to consider as well. For a take on biscuits and gravy, make a gravy-inspired pizza sauce for your breakfast pie. Just be mindful of keeping your toppings simple when you use a gravy sauce, like just sausage and cheese.  

Bagel lovers will love topping their breakfast pizza with cream cheese, thinly sliced red onion, and smoked salmon for an East Coast-inspired pie. Or, just sprinkle the crust with “everything” seasoning for a bagel-infused pizza crust. 


Your Toppings

When it comes to breakfast pizza toppings, the sky is the limit. While it makes sense to replicate traditional breakfast flavors on top of your crust with toppings such as eggs, bacon, or sausage, however, don’t curb your creativity when topping yours. 

Get inspired by the flavors of quiche with lots of fresh chopped veggies like onion, spinach, or broccoli on a white pizza topped with an egg and plenty of cheese. If you’re starting your toppings with stronger flavors like spicy sausage, also top your pizza with breakfast potatoes to mellow out the flavor.  


The finish

So, what is it that definitively makes these pizzas a “breakfast” food? It usually comes down to adding eggs. Finishing your pizza with an egg is what transforms your pie into a breakfast-suitable meal. While there are numerous methods to adding eggs to the pizza, one way is to scramble your eggs- typically allowing one egg per slice- with milk, salt, and fresh-cracked pepper. After baking your pizza, pour the warm scrambled egg mixture over the top of your pie.  

Another approach is to simply crack whole eggs on top of the topped pizza before baking; this is suited to those that prefer over-easy or runny eggs on top of their breakfast pizza. Make sure to use a pizza pan that will not overflow and create a mess if the eggs start to run! 


Serving Suggestions

If you plan on serving your breakfast pizza at a celebratory brunch, try topping with fresh greens like arugula for a bright and tasty contrast. Another great thing about pizza is that you can serve it hot or cold, making it perfect for packing in a bento or lunchbox for kids of any age.  

We hope you enjoy yourself today and keep checking back for ongoing tips, guides and great shopping!

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