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Stay Calm With Tips From Koya Webb

Stay Calm With Tips From Koya Webb

In a recent survey, Zulily learned that moms feel their homes could benefit from an added dose of calmness. Here are some stay calm tips Koya Webb, a celebrity yoga teacher.

Three yoga-inspired serenity tips from Koya:

1. Get Your “Me Time” in Micro Moments 

Make a nighttime routine to signal to your body it’s time for sleep. Try something as simple as spending 10 minutes laying on your back with your eyes closed as askincare mask dries. If setting 10 minutes aside seems unattainable, create “micro-moments” of peace for yourself tied to sensory rituals such as putting on a smooth robe or sipping from a special teacup. Make everything you do sacred.   

2.  Strike a Peaceful Pose 

Yoga isn’t just about exercise. Some poses have the power to help the mind and body settle after a long day — or even longer night. If you know child’s pose or sleeping pigeon, go for it. Need something simpler? Try putting your legs up on the wall. It’s one of the best poses to help induce calmness. Lay with your back on the ground or your bed and lift your legs so they rest against the headboard or a wall. This restorative posture helps calm the nerves and remove restlessness from your legs, especially if you’ve been on your feet all day. 

3.  Take a Deep Breath 

Most of us don’t realize how deep, focused breathing can have an immediate calming effect — especially if you’re a mom. Moms spend their days racing around, likely taking short, shallow breaths. Release the stress of the day by spending time on your breath. Inhale for at least 5 seconds, and exhale just as slowly. Bring your shoulders to ears on the next inhale to loosen up the tension building in your shoulders, and slowly bring them down on the exhale. Repeat for 2 to 3 minutes.  

Koya says… creating a soothing environment can be as simple as adding small, affordable touches. Aromatherapydiffusers with calming scents and comfortable bedding can go a long way. 

Zulily tip: calming colors are a great choice for any bedroom, perhaps the nursery most of all. Choose soothing neutrals or pastel hues for wall paint or bedding. Such colors have the added advantage of grow-with-you comfort. Simply changing accent pillows and wall art enables you to transition the space from nursery to toddler and beyond. Simple touches can bring great satisfaction without high costs. 

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All About Koya

Koya Webb is an internationally recognized yoga teacher and holistic health coach who has worked with celebrities including Stevie Wonder, India Arie, P. Diddy and Ashley Judd. An author, speaker, and activist, her core mission is to promote daily self-care, oneness and eco-friendly living. 

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