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10 Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness Into Everyday Life 

How many times have you driven somewhere and arrived at your destination to have no recollection of even driving there? Or sat down to enjoy lunch only to suddenly be aware of an empty plate in front of you? Too often, our minds are on autopilot as we cruise through our lives only partially aware of the moments around us. These are just a few classic examples of mindlessness.

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Must Have Yoga Props and Tools to Improve Your Practice

Adding the use of yoga props to your practice can make a huge difference when it comes to elevating your yoga practice. When I began my yoga practice, yoga props were a bit intimidating as I never really knew how and where to use them. As my practice has grown, I’ve found that using props can create a world of difference in how poses feel to my body, while creating more space, length and freedom in yoga poses. Using yoga props is a great way to explore movements, asanas and to find ways to challenge yourself in your personal yoga practice.

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