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How to Make a Perfect Manhattan Cocktail 

Today’s version is strikingly similar to the original, a mix of whiskey and vermouth, dashed with bitters and garnished with a brandied cherry. The main difference, cocktail purists will tell you, is that the earliest recipes relied on rye whiskey. Many current versions use bourbon instead which offers a smoother flavor profile. Beyond that essential change, many mixologists and home bartenders have been experimenting with the Manhattan, finding innovative ways to vary the cocktail. 

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How to Make an Amazing Easter Basket

Easter today is often celebrated by getting dressed up in gorgeous Spring dresses and handsome suits, sporting pretty sun hats and running around green fields filled with wildflowers in search of brightly-colored eggs filled with trinkets left behind by the beloved Easter Bunny. We eat marshmallow Peeps and chocolate bunnies and get excited about what the Easter Bunny left for us in our Easter Baskets. 

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