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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Kids

May 5, or Cinco de Mayo, is a big deal in Texas. Cinco de Mayo is a day we put on the calendar and celebrate together as a family. My girls attend a Fine Arts and Dual Language Academy, where they learn Spanish as part of their coursework and study other cultures as part of the curriculum. We love learning about holidays that are celebrated in other cultures, and Cinco de Mayo is no exception (although it’s been suggested that Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more in the US than in Mexico!).  

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Snacks to Glow Up Your Movie Night

Snacks are one of the best parts of movie night. But, instead of munching on whatever stale chips you have in the back of the cupboard, glow up your movie night snacks with fresh ideas. Whether you are looking for healthier alternatives to the preservative-laded movie candy or just looking to mix it up with some new treats, there are tons of options to upgrade movie night. 

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