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How To Make Holiday Wreath – 7 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

There are endless options to represent the way you holiday: wreaths can be made with both traditional and more modern design inspirations and be further customized by choosing colors and materials that are perfect for you and your home! Many retailers begin stocking the shelves with Christmas wreath-making supplies well before the holiday season so that you can get a jump on a Christmas wreath DIY. Here are a variety of DIY Christmas wreath ideas that range from beginner to more advanced to get you started!

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Easy Cinco de Mayo Appetizers

Cinco de Mayo – literally the Fifth of May, in Spanish – is the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, the Mexican army’s victory over French soldiers in 1862. In the United States, we celebrate Mexican heritage on Cinco de Mayo, exploring some of the music, dancing, drinks, and food from across the country. While not all of the food and drinks you’ll see on Cinco de Mayo are authentically Mexican, many reflect the evolving Mexican-American culture and delicacies that have developed through the combination of different cultures.

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