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Natural Beauty & Wellness: CBD, Honey, and More

Natural Beauty & Wellness: CBD, Honey, and More

CBD is the new beauty buzzword for good reason. This effective botanical ingredient, derived from the hemp plant, is well-known for its powerful rejuvenating, refreshing and nourishing anti-aging effects. From serums and moisturizers, to cleansers and bath bombs, CBD-infused beauty products are loaded with extraordinary benefits.

But First Things First… What is CBD?

We’ll break it down for you – CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s a natural remedy made up of compounds found in the hemp plant. Unlike its counterpart THC, CBD is not psychoactive. In other words – no, CBD beauty products will not get you high!

Many moms seek more alone time. We all need a chance to relax and reflect. Incorporating CBD-infused beauty products to your daily routine will help you find valuable moments of serenity.

Keep scrolling to discover CBD beauty brands that incorporate other effective ingredients that can amp up your self-care and beauty regimens. 

Karibo Beauty

Put your best face forward with Karibo Beauty’s soothing CBD-infused skin care line. These luxurious products will keep your complexion hydrated, leaving your skin feeling soft and dewy to the touch. From lotions to creams, Karibo Beauty has just what you need to smooth fine lines, alleviate acne and moisturize dry skin.

Karibo CBD Facial Moisturizer

CBD for Life

Roll on instant relief with this line of innovative beauty products from CBD for Life. Their proprietary combination of specially selected essential oils and other organically farmed ingredients offer an immediate boost while promoting healthy skin rejuvenation.

Motive CBD

Always on the move? Need to recover and refresh after a workout? Feel revitalized and energized, even on hectic days thanks to Motive CBD. This family-owned brand offers a powerful plant-based sports cream that can be used any time, day or night..

Minted Leaf

Wake up and recharge with invigorating gummies, tinctures and more from Minted Leaf. Made from organic mint and hemp, these wellness products can help you feel “calm, cool and collected”… and ready for anything.

Eczema Honey

Eczema Honey focuses on therapeutic yet gentle formulas that are made for daily use. Eczema Honey provides comforting beauty products, from seriously soothing creams to gentle scrubs that relieve minor irritations, calm itchy rashes and alleviate other unpleasant skin conditions.  

Learn more about the benefits of popular CBD-infused beauty products with these tips and tricks from our friends over at Karibo Beauty:

Minted Leaf Cold Therapy

Treat yourself to a little something extra this year. Learn to elevate your beauty game and achieve a healthy glow-up for 2021. Shop CBD Now!

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