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How to Clear Blocked Energy

How to Clear Blocked Energy
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By Koya Webb

Have you not been feeling like your true self lately? You may be experiencing what I often see as a holistic health coach: blocked energy. You might be more tired, unmotivated or anxious than usual. Your stomach may be manifesting this stress. It’s not the greatest feeling!

So how do you clear that blocked energy and feel less tired, more motivated and more focused? Take a guided meditation I love to share:

  • First, close your eyes and sit comfortably on a comfortable chair or couch. Try to relax. Put on a soothing soundtrack if you like.
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  • Then, take a deep breath in through the nose and exhale slowly, also through the nose.
  • Next, shift your mental focus to your feet. Imagine filling your toes, heels and everything in between with energy. For some, it’s helpful to imagine that energy as a bright, warm light. Keep breathing!
  • Now imagine that light, that energy moving from your feet to your ankles. Then your calves – imagine it climbing up as you breathe and bring attention and focus to the areas that light is going through. Go through the knees, the thighs – slowly. Each part of your body should take a couple of slow, deep breaths.
  • At the hips, pause here. This area is where many people hold tension, pain and blocked energy. Take extra breaths here, letting the light and energy warm and open the area.
  • Let the light travel up the stomach and torso: and again, don’t forget to breathe! Then go to your heart. Bring attention to both the front and back of what is called the heart center in yoga.
  • Guide that warm energy to your throat. Check in: are you still relaxed in your seat? Let go of any tension and walk that energy up through the crown of your head. Sit up tall as energy and breath goes through the head.
  • What you do next is up to you and what your body feels: end now, or keep going and guide the energy down your body while breathing. Essentially – repeat the exercise, but just walk down your body instead of up.
  • When you’re ready to end, shift the focus to your center and conclude with one deep inhale and exhale to seal in the breathing exercise and to signal to yourself your self-care session is done.
  • By taking the 5, 10, 15 or even 20 minutes to consciously breathe and mediate, you can help re-energize your body, mind and spirit – and checking in with yourself. It’s the most important part of self-care! The best part is, clearing blocked energy via meditation is something anyone can do – all you need is 5 minutes and your own breath.

Even if it means blocking out time in a closet or bathroom for a bit of quiet, meditation can help everyone feel like themselves again.

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