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Craft a Sock Wine Cozy

Craft a Sock Wine Cozy
diy sock wine cozy

A homemade sock wine cozy makes gifting a delicious bottle of wine (or olive oil or fancy homemade vinegar) so jolly. Learn three easy ways to wrap a bottle (perhaps one from Vintage Wine Estates)* in a pair of also-giftable socks, plus find perfect presents for your favorite crafters.

Pick your bottle and gifting style, then follow the video or written instructions below to make a Simple Tie-Top, Button & Bow or Rah-Rah Reindeer Sock Wine Bottle Cozy.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your sock wine cozy

wine bottles

For Simple Tie-Top

For Button & Bow  

A pair of socks  • a yummy bottle • a large button  • yarn or twine  • a gift tag (optional)

For Rah-Rah Reindeer

A pair of socks  • a yummy bottle  • three chenille stems (pipe cleaners)  • 1’’ of red washi or painter’s tape (or a red pompom)

Step-by-Step Instructions

SIMPLE TIE-TOP (2 steps)

  1. PUT BOTTLE INTO FIRST SOCK. Pull until sock smoothly covers entire bottle. Fold any extra sock left over the top of the bottle to the back.
  2. TIE SECOND SOCK INTO A BOW. Wrap this sock around the neck of the bottle, twisting the ends into a festive bow in the front.

BUTTON & BOW (3 steps)

  1. PUT ONE SOCK INSIDE THE OTHER. Create a double layer of socks.
  2. PUT BOTTLE INTO SOCKS. Pull up gently, until doubled-up socks cover entire bottle. (There may be extra sock above the top of the bottle.)
  3. BUTTON & BOW DETAIL. Thread yarn or twine through a large, two-hole button, then tie in a bow. Or, tie the neck of bottle with festive ribbon in one or more colors. Add a gift tag, if desired.


  1. PUT FIRST SOCK OVER TOP OF BOTTLE. Draw down gently until opening of sock reaches bottom of bottle. The toe section will remain tufted over the top of the bottle.
  2. ROLL SECOND SOCK TO FORM THE FACE. Roll the other sock into a ball and tuck it into the heel section of the first sock to create a face.
  3. SHAPE YOUR CHENILLE STEMS. Create small eye loops on each end of one chenille strem. Make antler shapes out of two additional (matching) chenille stems.
  4. COMPLETE THE REINDEER HEAD. Wrap the eye-loop chenille stem around the top of the bottle, adjusting so that the eyes are in the right place. Tuck the antlers into the wrapped chenille stem. Pull the toe portion down to create a hat.
  5. FINISH WITH A RED NOSE. Stick on a nose made from red washi tape, painter’s tape or a similar non-permanent option.

We’ve got perfect gifts for all of your favorite crafters (including you!). Explore creative treasures for fiber and needle crafts to painting and scrapbooking to craft supply storage.

Let’s make this a great holiday season!

*Must be of legal age to purchase.  Please enjoy responsibly.

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