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Create a Mini Outdoor Oasis

Create a Mini Outdoor Oasis

Short on space? No worries! You too can create a relaxing and inviting outdoor oasis. Imagine reading, chatting with a friend, or sipping your morning coffee surrounded by plants on a balcony or enveloped in a comfy, cushy chair. We’ve got the goods, plus a simple formula to help you make it happen:

Furniture + Plants + Accessories + Décor = Your Happy Place! 

Two woodenn pation chairs and small wooden table


We’ll start with furniture since it takes up the most space and we can build out from there. Think about what activities you’d like to enjoy in your outdoor retreat, whether that’s relaxing, entertaining or a little bit of both. Most small spaces like balconies and patios can accommodate a compact set of chairs and a café table. If space allows, a side table can provide an extra spot to park your drink, books or lantern. Have a little extra room? Consider a hammock for the ultimate in relaxation. You could also go bold with a “floating” egg chair or another type of hanging chair.



Bring your outdoor space to life with lush, verdant plants. When it comes to small-space gardening, it’s all about containers. Luckily there are limitless possibilities, from clever planters designed to hang over a balcony railing, to traditional terra cotta pots and glazed pieces in every color and texture imaginable. For a polished look, mix and match planters and plant stands of different heights to create tiers. Consider fragrant plants, such as hyacinths, daphnes, sweet boxes, jasmine or lavender, to naturally fill the air with sweet-scented aromatherapy. Choose a few plants that will keep leaves all year for color in the cold months. You could even make a mini edible garden with herbs, berries or vegetables.

Planters hanging over a balcony rail.
Colorful, floral outdoor throw pillow


Here’s where you can really make your oasis look like an aspirational magazine spread. Add colorful outdoor cushions to your chairs to create a comfortable sitting space where you’ll want to linger. If you already have outdoor furniture, cushions can breathe fresh life into weatherworn pieces. Outdoor throw pillows can add a pops of personality with bright hues or witty words of wisdom. Rugs designed to withstand outdoor elements can help create an inviting ambiance, as well as tie the different aspects of your oasis together for a cohesive look. A mat placed by the door helps keep a clean house and offers yet another opportunity for arranging eye candy.


Time for the finishing touches! Using décor, such as string lights, you can keep your oasis open after hours. Decorative lanterns hung from walls, posts or railings, or simply placed on a table, are another great way to light up the night. We’ve covered smell, sight and touch, and with outdoor speakers and windchimes, you can also treat your ears to soothing notes with every passing breeze. Small statuary can help achieve your desired tone and mood as well, whether you choose a classic style borrowed from ancient Greece, a curious animal figurine peeking out from your planters, a cheeky gnome, or even a menacing gargoyle to ward off bad vibes.

We hope you have a blast creating your outdoor oasis. With a little upfront effort, you can extend your living quarters, get more fresh air, and escape to a getaway that requires no reservations.

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Contemporary wind chime

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