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Pregnancy Announcement Ideas To Inspire Your Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas To Inspire Your Announcement

Finding out you’re pregnant – especially for the first time – is a moment you’ll never forget. It comes along with lots of emotions, of course, and hopefully one of those many feelings is excitement. At some point after taking that positive test, you’ll get to think of how to tell people in your life about this happy news. If you’re looking for inspiration for your pregnancy announcement ideas, you’re in the right place!

For one, you’ll have different people in your life to share your baby news with, and so you can plan how to announce your pregnancy to each of those people/groups. These pregnancy announcement ideas are broken up into categories based on those different people or groups:

Telling your partner

First things first: You’ll certainly want to share your baby news with your partner first! It can be really special to announce your pregnancy to him and then keep it to yourselves for a little while as your own exciting news. Whether you want to go sentimental or funny to share the news, here are a few ideas on how to announce your pregnancy:

  • Order a pizza and write the news inside the box to be discovered when your partner goes to grab a slice.
  • Share the pregnancy test in a fun way (have it wrapped up, put it somewhere it will be found like a bathroom counter or bedside table, the refrigerator, etc.).
  • Have him unwrap a pair of oh-so cute baby shoes.
  • If it’s your first pregnancy announcement, dress your pet dog or cat in a “big sister” or “big brother” shirt.
  • Write a sweet card to have waiting for him to share the news.
  • Buy him some new dad accessories, like a “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug, and surprise him with it!

Sharing the news with other children

If this isn’t your first pregnancy announcement, you’ll want to think of a neat way to share with older kids that they’re going to have a little brother or sister! This pregnancy announcement should involve excitement but also a lot of sensitivity, because this news means big change for an older sibling:

  • First, if you have more than one child already, be sure to share the pregnancy announcement news with all the siblings together.
  • Fill a large vase or jar with a Hershey’s Kisses – one for each day or week of pregnancy – and let the older siblings know they’ll get to remove one kiss for baby each day or week in anticipation of the baby’s arrival.
  • Share the news with excitement, but be sure to ask the child/children about any questions they have for you.
  • Emphasize how much fun they’ll have helping to prepare for the new baby, like getting his or her nursery all set up.
  • Oh, and a tip – be prepared to answer questions around how the baby got into Mama’s belly to begin with!

Pregnancy announcement ideas for your extended family

Once your partner and other kiddos are in on the exciting baby news, you’ll want to – at some point – get extended family in on the excitement. Get ready for potential tears – especially if this is your first pregnancy announcement or if it’s been a struggle for you and your partner to get pregnant. Here are some fun pregnancy announcement ideas for rolling out the baby news to your extended family:

  • Call your grandmother and ask for your favorite recipe of hers, telling her you’ve been craving it. Then you can reveal your cravings are tied to pregnancy!
  • We’re all having lots of Zoom calls these days, so maybe you have a standing video call with your parents or in-laws you could use that as an opportunity to break the pregnancy announcement news. You and your partner (or an older sibling) could wear a shirt to break the news, or you could hold up an ultrasound photo mid-call to surprise them!
  • If you’ll be seeing your family in person soon and want to share the pregnancy announcement news that way, arrive with a small gift for them to unwrap to spill the beans. A cute baby bib or onesie should do the trick!
  • Gift them a kids’ book with the explanation that they should get to practicing on their bedtime story reading…

How to announce your pregnancy on social media

Okay, now it’s time for some pregnancy announcement ideas to help amplify your news beyond just family and close friends. When you’re ready to make things extra “official” and broadcast your baby news, here are some thoughts on how to announce pregnancy via the perfect social media photo:

  • If you know (and want to share) the baby’s gender already, too, an adorable way to share the news is to take an ultrasound photo and surround it by a couple of pieces of baby girl or baby boy clothing in a lay-flat photoshoot.
  • For those with pets, consider incorporating them as you decide how to announce your pregnancy. Your pup can be wearing a sign around its neck to share the exciting news!
  • This is a classic one, but it’s always a super cute pregnancy announcement idea: incorporate baby shoes (there’s nothing more precious, after all) into a photo. You and your partner can be holding them, or you can place them alongside your own shoes to spread the word about how your family is growing by two feet!
  • If you love to bake, use that theme as a way to share the news that you’ve got the best thing ever in the oven this time around. Display some baking ingredients on the kitchen counter, generously sprinkle flour, and write a pregnancy announcement message in the flour!
  • Break the news by letting people know you won’t be drinking for a while! You can grab a pregnancy announcement photo with your partner where he has a full glass of wine and yours is empty, then incorporate a cute caption to round it out.
  • Coffee lovers? You can create a great pregnancy announcement photo with two coffee mugs and a bottle alongside them. (If this isn’t your first kiddo, maybe it’s two coffee mugs, a sippy cup, and a bottle!)
  • For a cute TikTok or Instagram Reel idea, show the journey of your pregnancy with videos from sonogram, your growing belly, and putting together a crib. 

No matter what route you take when it comes to a pregnancy announcement idea, congratulations on having such exciting news to share! It’s always such a joy to get to share happy baby news with the people who love you most, so know that no matter how you announce your pregnancy it’s sure to be just right for you and your partner. You can go the funny route with your pregnancy announcement idea or keep things sweet and sentimental, and either way will be absolutely perfect. Congrats on your growing family!

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