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Cutest Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Cutest Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy
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By Michelle Stansbury, Eat, Drink, Be San Diego

Get ready for your most-liked social media post of the year — your pregnancy announcement! Whether it’s your first pregnancy announcement or you’re getting a soon-to-be big brother and big sister involved, these ideas will help you come up with how to announce your pregnancy. Some traditional, more “polished” moms may decide to do a perfectly styled, professional photoshoot; while others let their sense of humor shine through with a funny (or punny!) announcement. Most moms choose to announce at around the beginning of their second trimester. This can give you the added benefit of having a bit of a baby bump to show off. Whenever you decide to share your big news with the world, make it extra-special with these adorable pregnancy announcement ideas. 

Foodie Pregnancy Announcement 

Food-related pregnancy announcements are popular for a good reason: momma has cravings! Wondering how to announce your pregnancy with food? You can use aptly named brands to help you share your news, like Prego pasta sauce (get it?), or rely on the classic combo of pickles and ice cream to hint at your pregnancy. There are countless versions of “eating for two,” so you can adapt the saying for whatever your favorite treat is! Tacos for two, anyone? 

Pregnancy Announcement with Song Lyrics

Use a cute song to spell out your big news. With two bags of ice, you can display a visual for Ice Ice Baby. Or, use a little wordplay to change song lyrics around to fit your status. Try changing the words of Baby Got Back to “I like big BUMPS and I cannot lie… OMG Becky, look at that bump!” You can add in some background tunes, or even sing along to create your own music video announcement! 

”Fur Baby” Pregnancy Announcement

If this is your first pregnancy announcement, involve your pets to help you share the news. Wondering how  your fur babies can “announce” your pregnancy? Pretty much any prop or sign that works for a sibling announcement will stand in nicely, or you can give your pet(s) job titles like “official toy inspector” or — apologies — “diaper sniffer.”  

Pregnancy Announcement with Books

Announcing your pregnancy with a maternity-related book is a sweet way to reveal that you are expecting. The great thing about doing a pregnancy announcement with books is that you can incorporate as many or as few people (or animals!) as you’d like. So, a single mom can share a photo of herself reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting solo… or a large family can get the whole crew in on the photo. Images of babies and pets “reading” the books are extra adorable. 

Workplace Pregnancy Announcement

When you’re ready to announce your pregnancy to your office, grab a box of doughnuts or other treats and write a note inside the box lid encouraging your co-workers to eat up, so you “won’t be the only one with a growing belly!” The sweets will get the attention of the whole office and the cute reveal will bring on the congratulations.  

Pregnancy Announcement Around Town

Finding spots around your town related to pregnancy is a great way to add a local flair to your  announcement. If you’re curious about how to announce your pregnancy while tying in local landmarks, look for murals that read “Made in {City}” or a street sign that says “Bump Ahead.” 

There might just be another baby boom from all of the pregnancies that are happening during the pandemic quarantines, stay-at-home orders, and lockdowns. For a Coronavirus-related pregnancy announcement, you could reveal that you and your partner “didn’t practice social distancing” or got carried away with “quarantine and chill.” Sharing that you two couldn’t stay six feet apart is a silly yet timely way to share your big news.  

Tiny Objects Pregnancy Announcement

A pair of baby shoes included in a photo of your family’s feet is a classic and adorable way to announce a new addition. Any wee baby item can work for this type of pregnancy announcement, including: hanging a little onesie on a laundry line; sharing a pic of a tiny jersey of your favorite sports team; or featuring other cute objects with significance for you and your family.  

Holiday Pregnancy Announcement

If the timing is right, tying in some holiday cheer is a fun way to announce your pregnancy ! For Halloween, carve up a family of jack-o’-lanterns and put a tiny pumpkin inside of the “Momma” pumpkin. During Thanksgiving, you can announce that “the turkey isn’t the only thing in the oven!” For Christmas, a joke about the last of your “silent nights” can share the news of the gift you are carrying. 

Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

If this isn’t your first child, include any siblings in the announcement. If the soon-to-be big brother or sister is still sleeping in a crib, you can capture a photo of them with an “Eviction Notice” sign. For a child that’s currently potty training, you can opt for some low-brow humor by sharing a snap of them on the toilet announcing that “number 2 is on its way!” Star Wars fans will eagerly await their fourth pregnancy to do a movie-themed “May the Fourth Be with You” announcement. 

Accidental Pregnancy Announcement

Some couples don’t mind announcing that their pregnancy wasn’t planned! One way to lend an optimistic spin to an “oops” pregnancy announcement is a Bob Ross-themed announcement, revealing that there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents. 

Pregnancy Announcement in Print 

Not sure how to announce your pregnancy online? If you aren’t ready to share your news on social media yet, consider going ‘old school’ and sending a print announcement to your closest family and friends. Send the announcement along with a calendar marked with your due date, so everyone can count the days along with you. 
When it comes time to thinking about how to announce pregnancy for your family, whether it’s the first or fifth baby on the way (or more than one at a time!), now you’ve got lots of clever options to consider.

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