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How To Make Holiday Wreath: 7 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

How To Make Holiday Wreath: 7 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

Welcome the 2021 holiday season to your home by making a homemade Christmas wreath!

There are endless options to represent the way you holiday: wreaths can be made with both traditional and more modern design inspirations and be further customized by choosing colors and materials that are perfect for you and your home! Many retailers begin stocking the shelves with Christmas wreath-making supplies well before the holiday season so that you can get a jump on a Christmas wreath DIY. Here are a variety of DIY Christmas wreath ideas that range from beginner to more advanced to get you started!

Classic Tree Trimmings Wreath 

When you visit the Christmas tree lot this season keep an eye out for freshly bundled trimmings that are often available for purchase. Different Christmas tree varieties will provide different textures of greenery to layer within your wreath. Use floral wire to attach the greenery to a tiered wire wreath form. Most will typically have 3-4 wires. Working in small areas, arrange the stems to overlap and achieve your desired level of fullness. If you’d like, attach a Christmas bow, wooden monogram, or Christmas bells to the center of the wreath before hanging it. Keep your evergreen wreath looking fresh by spritzing it with water every few days throughout the season. 

Christmas Rag Wreath

For this easy indoor Christmas wreath DIY all you will need is a variety of holiday fabrics or fabric scraps and a wreath form; use a simple single hoop or get a fuller look with a multi-wire frame. Cut the fabric into strips measuring 2 x 8 inches. All you need to do is tie a piece of fabric around the wire. If you’re using a multi-wire frame, you can alternate tying the fabric around two wires at a time to create a more filled-in wreath. Once tied, slide your knotted fabric along the wreath to bunch it together with the previous ties! Once the wire is completely covered, arrange and fluff your wreath! 

Pine Cone Wreath

Create this evergreen-inspired wreath by collecting pine cones during a fall nature walk. Before assembling your wreath you will want to rid your pine cones of any bugs, sap, and mold by laying them on a baking sheet in a single layer and putting them in the oven for for 1-2 hours at 200◦. As an alternative, many stores also sell pretreated (and scented!) pine cones this time of year.  

Spray paint a styrofoam wreath form brown to use as the base for this wreath. Work in small sections to hot glue the pinecones to the wreath, arranging and fitting them together as you go. Experiment with attaching the pinecones uniformly or in different directions to get your desired look. Add acorns, pine cone pieces, or faux berry sprigs to fill in any holes.  

Snowman Wreath

Purchase two or three sizes of white grapevine wreaths. If you are unable to find them, you can also lightly apply white spray paint to natural colored twig wreaths. Zip-tie the wreaths together in size order to create a snowman. Add a large festive bow “scarf” and a craft felt top hat to complete your snowy friend!  

Hula Hoop Christmas Wreath DIY

Go big this Christmas season by trying this affordable wreath form hack: a hula hoop! Wrap the entire hoop with ribbon, using hot glue to secure it at the beginning and end. I like to add a little bit of hot glue as I go just to keep things secure and so the ribbon doesn’t slide around once I start to add embellishments. Attach a mix of faux florals and greenery to the hoop using floral wire. Overlap the florals to hide the stems and use floral tape and trim as needed.  

DIY Holiday Card Clothespin Wreath  

Some DIY Christmas wreath ideas can serve a functional purpose! This clothespin Christmas wreath will be a festive way to display your holiday cards from friends and family.   

First, cut a wreath form out of sturdy cardboard that will become the base of your wreath; for an easy template, trace two different-sized bowls to create a large donut shape. An embroidery hoop is a great option if you prefer something that is already made. Next, paint clothespins and your wreath form with acrylic paint. I suggest green, red, or white, but feel free to choose any combination of festive colors! Once dry, hot glue the clothespins around the wreath form, alternating the direction in which the clothespins point. Add a bow and tie a ribbon around the top to complete this wreath.  

GIFT INSPIRATION: Turn this wreath into an awesome gift by following the same directions but replacing the holiday cards with gift cards! 

Ornament Wreath

A beautiful ornament wreath is always my seasonal favorite. For this wreath you will need a solid wreath form (straw or styrofoam; for a super budget friendly option, you can even try using a pool noodle duct taped into a circle!), hot glue, and a whole bunch of Christmas ball ornaments. You can source vintage ornaments, buy a complete set from a store, or use a little bit of both!  

Lay your wreath form on a flat surface and begin gluing ball ornaments around the outermost edge. Once you have made your way around the outer circle, repeat the same process on the inner circle of the form. Then, work in small sections to glue ornaments to cover the rest of the wreath form. Use smaller ornaments or tinsel to fill in any gaps. Loop a large ribbon around the wreath to hang.  

Whatever your personal festive style is, I hope you have found inspiration to create your own handmade Christmas wreaths this season. Pour a cup of hot cocoa, turn on a Christmas movie, and let the Christmas wreath making begin! And remember to continue checking back for even more holiday DIYs! 

If DIYing isn’t your jam, faux wreaths have the authentic look and feel of a real Christmas fir, and none of the pain of transportation, disposal, shedding or allergies. They’re easy to decorate, easy on your wallet and great for the environment.

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