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Easy DIY Christmas Card Tips and Ideas

Easy DIY Christmas Card Tips and Ideas
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By Amber Weldon, Mommies R Bomb

Christmas is quickly approaching, which means it’s that time of year – where we get the family together for Christmas card pictures. If you are like me and want to keep your family socially distant or don’t want to go through the hassle of scheduling a photographer, then I have got some tips for your DIY Christmas card designed at home. Creating your card at home should not require hard work and elaborate setups. All you need is some decor, simple supplies and your family’s personality. 

Decorations are Perfect Backgrounds

Everyone’s holiday decorations already showcase a little bit of their personality and style, or at least mostly mom’s style. Instead of the often cheesy decorations and props one finds at the photography studio, you can have exactly what you like at home. Because my family is going to work and school at home, I have decorations all around the house. This year I purchased a few accent pieces to go with the décor that we already had. Now we have a great setting and background to take our Christmas card pictures.  

Some of our options for pictures include: by the fireplace with the stockings and garland; under the Christmas tree; or we may keep it super simple in front of the wall that has only a small wreath.  
We decorated my kids’ rooms, with removable holiday stickers, letting their personality shine a little, too. Displaying your own decorations is a way each family member can arrange individual shots with the décor that most represents them. That way everyone is satisfied with the resulting Christmas card. 


Most of us own smart phones with pretty good cameras. Those smart phones are going to be your photographer for your Christmas card. There are a lot of inexpensive accessories you can purchase to boost the quality of your photoraphy, such as tripods, ring lights and lens sets.  
Once you have your setup, turn on the self-timer and start shooting. You can even turn the camera to “selfie” mode if you want to see what your family looks like in real time. If you don’t have extra lighting, choose a space with a lot of natural light or use a fun filter from an app to enhance your photos.  

Another great thing about using a smart phone camera is you can see the results immediately, and there are easy-to-use editing features already included within the phone’s software. There is no waiting for edits and prints, plus most phones can send photos straight to the printer. 

Virtual Christmas Card

Most everything we are doing this year is virtual. It makes sense for your Christmas card to be virtual too. Of course, you can send out a standard e-card featuring a standard photo theme, or you can get more creative with your virtual greeting. Try out a family slide show that displays the highlights, and low lights, of the year. It will be nice for your loved ones to see how your kids have grown this year. There are apps and websites that can help you create your masterpiece. 

If your family is into social media, you all can create a fun Tik-Tok video that sums up the year or spreads cheer and joy to send out. If you know how to record, edit and create a quick video, make a YouTube video with holiday greetings. You can show off your beautiful tree and décor, add music and post it privately, so only those with the link can see it. Virtual Christmas cards are super-convenient. They will get to your recipient immediately and they are unique and thoughtful. Just make sure you keep them short and sweet. 

Christmas Card Theme

The most memorable Christmas cards I have received have had a funny or cute theme. Think about what you want your card to say about your family, your year or your style. Also think about who you are sending your card to and how they will receive the message. Here are a few fun theme ideas to spread cheer and laughs to your loved ones. 

The Year We Stayed Home 

  • Have the family dress up in pajamas or cozy clothes. 
  • Include coffee mugs and Christmas blankets. 

COVID Necessary Items 

  • There could be a picture of you all spraying down the tree, or sanitizing the ornaments
  • Everyone could be at the sink washing their hands clean of 2020. 
  • Props could include toilet tissue, anti-bacterial sprays, masks. 

Virtual Meeting Christmas Card 

  • You could edit the pictures to make them look like everyone is on a Zoom call. 
  • Blur some of the picture or show a microphone icon set to ‘mute’. 

Family Pandemonium 

  • Have the kids wrap themselves up in lights. 
  • Set up a virtual schoolroom in the kitchen or hallway. 
  • Mix up all the decorations with other holidays. 

Santa at Home

Santa Claus is social distancing this year, but some families still really love those traditional pictures. For your Santa Christmas card try a new Christmas character or edit in a picture of him. Your kids may have a stuffed Frosty the Snowman, Olaf or Elf on The Shelf, these characters can sit in for Santa. Another idea is to have your kids write a letter to Santa or Mrs. Claus on a large piece of paper. If you have little ones, they can dress up as Santa’s little helpers and help make a gingerbread house.  

Make the Christmas Card

Since a lot of us have not seen many if any of our family members this year in person, send them something with a personal touch. Crafting a Christmas card shows your loved ones your family’s personality and creativity. This is an especially great idea for the relatives that like to put their Christmas cards on the mantel or the refrigerator. An easy craft your kids can do is to stick their thumb in brown paint and make a reindeer from the thumbprint. You could use leftover ribbon or small trinkets to add to your picture cards as well. Even a handwritten letter will surely be appreciated by the ones you love and miss the most. 

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Amber Weldon

Amber Weldon is a mom of two, wife and content creator and author of Mommies R Bomb was designed to inspire moms to maintain a healthy family lifestyle and embrace their authentic self. Amber is motivated through the experiences with her family, self-care and other influential mothers.

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