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Easy Halloween Costumes For Individuals, Groups or Families!

Easy Halloween Costumes For Individuals, Groups or Families!

Halloween is coming soon, and it feels like this year more than ever we could all use a chance to escape reality a bit, right? With that in mind, here are a few simple Halloween costumes you can easily put together to celebrate in spooky style. Some are easy Halloween costume options for individuals, some are simple couple costumes, and some are for groups/families! (Oh, and if DIY isn’t for you when it comes to costumes, we have lots of great options for both kids and adults available right here on our Zulily site.)

Make a pair of leggings the star of the show. 

Let’s be real: Just about every woman has a favorite pair – or 20 – of black leggings in her closet, right? Let those comfy clothes be the base for a super easy Halloween costume! For example, add a black shirt, a leather jacket, and a pair or red heels and – voila! – you’re Sandy from Grease!

Pick a Pantone color. 

This is a quick and easy costume idea for either a couple or a family. Have everyone dress monochromatically (everyone chooses their own color but just wears one color) and then incorporate the Pantone logo onto everyone’s outfit. Simple and oh-so hipster.

For the formal dress-loving couple, get masquerade ready! 

It seems like we haven’t had the chance to dress up at all this year, and if that’s something you’ve been missing this super easy costume idea is the excuse you’ve been looking for to glam up. Just pair your favorite formal attire with a masquerade mask (you can either make one or snag one online or at a party store), and you’ll be all set!

Missing Disney? Pretend you’re going! 

For the Disney-loving family, this will be an easy group Halloween costume to pull together. Grab your favorite Disney tees, sunnies, hats, park guides/maps, and fanny packs and you’ll almost feel like you’re Orlando bound. (Bonus points if your kiddos have Disney costumes they can sport.)

Share your feelings as a Care Bear. 

This can be an easy costume idea for one, two, or more people. Get a sweatsuit in a solid pastel color and then craft a Care Bears belly for yourself (either using an actual Care Bear as a guide, or designing your own to showcase your personality!).

Be Men (or Women) in Black. 

This simple adult Halloween costume is best pulled off as a duo, and all you’ll need is a black suit and a pair of sunglasses. Now get ready to protect the world from aliens!

Are you a smarty pants? Show it off! 

This is the ultimate in super easy Halloween costumes. All you’ll need is several rolls of Smarties candy, an old pair of pants, and a hot glue gun. Use the glue gun to secure the rolls of candy all over your pants, pair it with a simple tee and your best nerdy glasses, and you’re Halloween costume ready! (Take it up a notch by grabbing a text book or encyclopedia to really complete the look…)

Come on down…

Game show fans: This is the easy DIY costume for you! Dress up in any outfit (feel free to have fun with it), and then make yourself a classic yellow price tag-shaped Price is Right nametag. Congrats – you’re now a contestant on the iconic show! You can pull this simple Halloween costume off as an individual or add friends or family members. Maybe someone can even be Bob Barker…

Shhhh! Whispers only in the library. 

This could be cute easy Halloween costume, and one you can involve kids in, too. Grab a plaid skirt, a cardigan, a pair of glasses, and – of course – a stack of your favorite books, and you’re a librarian! Oh, and don’t forget to keep your voice down (and to always return your library books on time).

For those who wish they worked a Dunder Mifflin… 

You have SO many options with this easy homemade Halloween costume, so it can be for an individual or a group. A favorite pick for a guy would be to don a short-sleeved button-up shirt (ideally in a mustard yellow color), a tie, some architect glasses, and some hair gel for that perfect center part to channel your inner Dwight Schrute. This would be a funny Halloween costume for a little kiddo, too, that’s guaranteed to get lots of laughs!

Here’s to easy Halloween costumes that incorporate lots of creativity and fun! Happy trick-or-treating!

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